This Couple's Provocative New Photo Series Is Heavenly

You might recognize handsome and talented Instagram power-couple Rick and Griff Twombley-King from their recent nude playing card inspired shoot. (NSFW) 

As a follow-up to that steamy series, the husbands have shared with us their latest provocative project. (NSFW) 


Temptation awaits.... #husbands #lovewins #photography

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They said:

"We are both artists naturally and professionally. Griff is a graphic designer and illustrator, and Rick is a professional dancer, aerialist, as well as a writer.  

"We enjoy combining our talents and our inspirations from classical art and mythology in a way that produces something unique and beautiful, and also pushes boundaries and blurs the lines between gay and straight culture.

"Whether people love what we do or hate it, we enjoy making them stop, look, and think...and to demonstrate that nudity is not inherently shameful, dirty or pornographic. It’s our natural state and is beautiful, even when it’s two people of the same sex together. "

Click HERE to check out the new photo series. (NSFW) 

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