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Court In Zambia Finds Two Men Guilty Of Homosexual Conduct, Embrace Western Bible.

The horrific anti-human rights atrocities in Zambia are no surprise to use. Back in September of 2013, almost 5 years ago, we reported Zambia: Men Face 15 Years In Prison For "Crimes Against Nature"

Now, in 2018, we are seeing it again as two men went to trial this past week for allegedly engaging in homosexuality. They were convicted and will now await sentencing from the High Court in Kapiri Mposhi District in Central Province of Zambia.

Japhet Chataba, 38, a carpenter, and resident of Ndeke compound in Kapiri Mposhi, and Stephen Sambo, 30, who is a planning officer at Ndola City Council, were charged with having engaged in "having had carnal knowledge against the order of nature contrary to Section 155 (a) of the Penal Code, Chapter 87 of the Laws of Zambia as read with Statutory Instrument number 15 of 2015." 

Both men have pled not guilty, but the state had five witnesses to testify against them. Four of the witnesses said they physically saw the two men having anal sex on August 25, 2017, almost a year ago.

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The defense did not say anything during the trial to defend the men. Magistrate Ackson Mumba ruled on the case on Friday. In his 90 minute judgement, he did state that the doctor that examined the men said that his findings were inconsistent with the allegations, but said sodomy could have happened, especially since the examination was conducted 10 days after the supposed event.

Magistrate Mumba said that without testimony from the defendants, it was up to the court to try to consider their innocence without any supporting facts, but it is also not the court's job to speculate.  He also added that the prosecution proved beyond doubt that the men were guilty of the crime.

“The law is what it is and not what it ought to be.”

The magistrate’s court does not have the jurisdiction to pass sentence in a case involving homosexuality.

This case of course is horrific and almost seems like an anti-gay show trial with the magistrate going on for 90 minutes about the case.  Was his statement of  “The law is what it is and not what it ought to be” a statement of him disagreeing with the law or a statement of this is what it is here in Zambia and not what is being pushed onto Zambia by Western nations?

Here are some of the comments found on the page.  There are varying opinions. But one I have is, if they want to fight against one of the biggest pieces of Western propaganda and Western beliefs, why aren't they proclaiming a war against the teachings of Christianity?  But instead, they embrace that one. 

flag DJ7 

Those guys were paid money to act. They are not real homosexuals.

Real homosexuals don’t go round showing off. It is the same style the foreign countries used in Malawi.

The urgent is to allow foreign homosexuals to come to Zambia and destroy young boys.

Try to check who is behind that movie? Even the journalist covering that is paid.


flag The Real Olivia Pope 

Jail is Christmas for those pushers. Have fun guys. Keep on spreading HIV!


flag Hakuna 

They might as well arrest all the girls in boarding schools. Because most of them have lesbian relationships


flag Fact 

How many homosexuals do we have in the Zambian army? How many are teachers. Doctors, husbands, Catholic fathers, Banker’s, etc? They are hundreds of thousands of homosexuals in Zambia. All pretending to be heterosexual because of fear of discrimination and of recent fear of being thrown in prison. Fact remains that homosexuality is not something they do for the sake of experience but myGod given feelings they can’t just ignore.



@fact…how would you know about the “hundreds of thousands of homosexuals in Zambia” ? Did all of them reveal to you that they were homosexual? Stop spreading misinformation. Secondly, homosexuality is a Western disease that should never be entertained in Africa whatsoever. Anybody promoting homosexuality in Zambia should have their head examined. The West is trying to impose this decadence on Africa as a means of population control. If you start entertaining this, next you’ll have transgenders, transsexuals, and gender neutral people who refuse to be referred to as “he” or “she.” Please, let this madness stay in Europe and America. Don’t ever entertain it in Africa.


flag Bee 

@nodiscimination…..Please its not a human right please please please….God made Male and Female
homosexuality is sin before God and is unacceptable in fact it must not even be talked about
It brings the wrath of God. ROMANS 1:18-35



Serves them right.
This is not about feeling and it is not how God made them. If someone wants to know how God made everyone read Genesis 1-11, for starters.

Do you know that murderers on death roll felt like killing someone and the argument is that they couldn’t help themselves?


 flag Straight 

How many Zambian celebrities are Gays and Lesbians?
Meanwhile……….The number of men having sex with fellow men in exchange for money has increased in Livingstone. “Some of these men even fight each other in some of the joints over foreign clients who seek their services. It seems lucrative as some of them have even constructed houses using the income they generate,” “The men having sex with fellow men want to show that they are straight, so they marry and have children, too. This makes them prone to HIV infection and they are likely to infect their wives,”
If homosexuality were legal in Zambia, Zambian women would be spared of contracting HIV from their “gay husbands”





"...the doctor that examined the men said that his findings were inconsistent with the allegations, but said sodomy could have happened..." What kind of court says that the doctor's testimony supported these so-called "accusations?"  It seems to me like the men were set up.     .....     Another country to avoid and to give no aid to if ever I am asked.

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