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Courtney Act Calls Out 'Mean Gays' In New Music Video

RuPaul's Drag Race finalist Courtney Act is calling out the "mean gays of West Hollywood" in her latest music video, aptly titled, "Mean Gays."

Her co-finalists Bianca Del Rio and Adore Delano also appear in the clip! 


Courtney explains:

"I had a difficult time balancing my work and play lives. On the one hand, I loved drag and performing as Courtney. On the other hand, I felt an immense pressure to go to the gym and get the right body so I could fit in with the West Hollywood boys. It’s fun to be a part of a clique but when the group starts to influence how you feel about yourself, or how you act towards other people, it is time to reevaluate the situation. It’s important to be in touch with what feels right for you, surround yourself with people who  \respect the way you choose to live and always be an individual.”

Whether or not you're from WeHo, can you identify with Courtney's experience, Instincters? Thoughts on "Mean Gays"--both the video and in general??


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Courtney Act is the most self centered person i have never had the opportunity to meet. However I have heard that she does associate her self with a group of what she is calling "The mean Gays" What Courtney needs to do is fix her body, she is built like a 12 year old boy, she needs to spend more time on her singing voice, Adore Delano she is not! I really don't think that she is all that pretty, and that's Weho fault cause some of these same people have told her she looks fishy and in actuality she does look ;like a fish...A Dead One. I wasn't entertained by her at all, she sounds like a bad Cabaret act that never got to the Cabaret. Courtney Act please have several seats in traffic, and please show me where there is documented proof that a man head is bigger than a womans?.

Ya'll are mean gays... Damn.

Mean gays are insecure. They use passive-aggressive bitchiness to deflect attention away from their miserable lives. They use drugs & alcohol as a coping mechanism for their low self-esteem. The only thing that gives them a stronger high is bringing others down. They need serious therapy. Stay away from these damaged souls.

Good advice.   I am glad that the newest generation of gay men and lesbians are going to have a little more support and tolerance than we did growing up in the 50s, 60s, and 70s.   My hope is that one day society will think of "gay" as an outdated term, because being homosexual will be so normal, no one will even remark on it.    At that point, all the pain and stress that we have gone through up until then will be a thing of the past, and we can actually grow up without fear and low self-esteem.

Wow, that's a lot of calling the kettle black folks...anyway, I'm Canadian so I'll be nice; I have enough confidence in my own internal and external virtues that I'll sit with whoever the fuck I want and if they don't like it they can leave which is fine because their are actually sitting in my seat, lol...serious.  Now, Courtney Act is a true, authentic talent.  She did her job, she entertained and amused me. The boys are hot as shit on a sunny Texas afternoon and Shane does a fantastic, flawless job as CA and himself; he's so fucking cute and handsome...him, he is, as a man, Courtney's gorgeous.  Love the guest appearances by Bianca and Adore.  I look forward to many more years of entertainment from them all.  #teamcourtney

I love hypocrite fame whoring stuff lie this. Mainly because Courtney actually hangs out with the group of guys in Weho that actually pride and call themselves "Mean Gays" and pretty much are hated by everyone in town, but to diluted to know so and actually think they are famous. They are made up of reality stars' hairdressers, reality rejects, salons receptionists, wanna-be stylists,  bartenders and steroid abusing selfie addicted desperate narcissistic no job insecure users who #malemodel every chance they get. Now they are all on the new "You can sit with us" campaign even though two months ago they were hashtaging "you can't sit with us" on their gross group instagram photos that everyone laughs at. But, that's not cool anymore so, you can sit with them, but not really, not that you would want to, unless you wanna talk about who has the coolest new shoes or who is wearing the hot new jean brand. They parade around, while they don't realize there is a whole group of guys ten years younger than them doing the same thing while these losers are in their 30's clinging on to their fading hotness and hairlines. The only difference being that the younger guys are not old enough to know that this behavior is only fitting of guys in their early 20's, but most of then will grow out of it by the time they are 25. These hypocritical "mean gays" even go so far as to #yesanothershamlessshirtlessselfie because they just can't help but need that attention as they have no other value in this world other than to be adored by people they don't even know or would even give the day to in real life and have a slim concept of theiur own rediculous behvior, yet need it. Courtney, this song is a sham, they talk about you getting real on RPDR and this is a prime example why. You will never be Bianca Delrio. In 5 years she will be RuPaul and you will have your awful group of friends who are left scratching their heads wondering, why are we not hot, liked or getting attention anymore? #malemodelswithoutanagent

JohnThom. A perfect example of a mean DAMAGED bitter gay. I stay away from them. If you don't know who she is, find out dumbass. But I know it's more fun to make a snide remark. Know one has heard of you either. Hurts so much huh?  So much you have to serve it up to others. But the real loser is you. The mean bitter gay. 

Uh.....maybe he just never heard of her?   I hadn't either until this article.   

Never heard of her.

I haven't either.   I don't watch that show though, so I guess that's why.

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