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Courtney Act Takes To Booty Waxing CBB's Andrew Brady

 If you can't get a man naked all at once, how about a little by little, cheek by cheek?

It seems that Ru Paul's Drag Race alum Courtney Act is doing just that with former Apprentice star Andrew Brady. Is she creating some buzz that will keep people tuning in?

We didn't know that waxing was one of Courtney Act's talents, but hey, she's a drag queen. There has to be some waxing, shaving, buffing knowledge in there somewhere.  From this clip below, we do not know if she's done a booty wax before, but we'll watch her practice over and over.



Have you been watching?  Is this just boys being immature boys?  Or is there something brewing?

Or is Andrew just a great straight ally?

Did he really need his bottom waxed?  It looked pretty damn perfect to us.




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