Courtney Love Gushes Over Her Gays

Taking a break from her current U.S. tour, Courtney Love effusively declares her adoration for her gay fans. 

"Well, it’s a little tour and it was really fun, but there’s no new single upending it," Courtney explains to Vanity Fair. "We came together as a band, but not everything sold out. It was a lot of gay guys and a lot of girls. Some women. I think the one straight man [in the audience] was a woman’s husband. . . I couldn’t quite tell. Without a single and without marketing, I’m not drawing on hetero males as a core audience. But thank god for the gays! My homos—they stick by me through thick and thin."

Then Courtney slips in a dig at current female pop-stars when asked if she herself has new music coming out this year. I get so excited whenever I see a new female artist that’s good and doesn’t have fireworks coming out of her tits.

Anyway, check out the full interview (it's SO Courtney) over at Vanity Fair