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Courtney Love Takes Credit For Lady Gaga's ARTPOP Phase

Courtney Love has given humanity plenty of memorabilia, but was she instrumental in giving the world Lady Gaga's ARTPOP. According to Courtney herself, YES!

In a new interview with Britain's Gay Times, Courtney explains that ARTPOP would not have been birthed out of Mother Monster if Courtney Love didn't exist. 

“Well, I’m friendly with her," Courtney said of Gaga. "She started hanging out with a lot of my art friends and I think it influenced her and that’s great but it doesn’t necessarily translate for the masses… She tried to take it on and sort of acclimate it into pop.”

Hmm. Considering how ARTPOP is said to have been a disappointment to the label, Gaga can just blame it on Courtney and start from scratch?

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