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Crazy Nun Tells High School Students Masturbation Turns You Gay

​A nun had some surprising "revelations" for an assembly of students at Charlotte Catholic High School! 

Sister Jane Dominic Laurel, a professor at Nashville, Tennessee's Aquinas College, asserted to students that masturbation and/or lack of a male father figure makes you gay. 

Thankfully, the students aren't taking this nonsense lightly.

QNotes published a first-hand account of what transpired: 

The letter and petition allege that Laurel said a variety of prejudiced comments about gay and lesbian people during her lecture on masculinity and femininity, including that masturbation or an absent father may make a boy more likely to be gay — two claims soundly rejected by all mainstream medical professionals and associations.

“Then she started talking about how gays [sic] people are gay because they have an absent father figure, and therefore they have not received the masculinity they should have from their father,” reads one student’s account of the message. “Also a guy could be gay if he masterbates [sic] and so he thinks he is being turned on by other guys. And then she gave an example of one of her gay ‘friends’ who said he used to go to a shed with his friends and watch porn and thats why he was gay. … Then she talked about the statistic where gay men have had either over 500 or 1000 sexual partners and after that I got up and went to the bathroom because I should not have had to been subject to that extremely offensive talk.”

As mentioned above the students have drafted a petition in opposition to Laurel's commentary.

Here's an excerpt:

We the students of Charlotte Catholic High School would like to issue a formal complaint regarding Sr. Jane Dominic’s speech given on on Friday, March 21st. We found some of ideas expressed to be both offensive and unnecessarily derogatory. We are incensed that you knew the content of this speech and allowed these ideas to be expressed in a school that should be preaching a message of love and acceptance.

The petition goes on to express the students' support of the gay community. As of this writing more than 3,500 people have added their signature.

It's interesting to see students being far more enlightened than their supposed "educators."

Thoughts, Instincters?


Give the bitch a make over!

As a "professional" Roman Catholic she should know what the Roman Catholic Church teaches and she clearly does not.  In a nutshell one can be gay just not do gay.  From a pastoral standpoint, Pope Francis' response about gay people is "Who am I to judge?"  She needs to be shut down.  Because the Roman church did judge, I left it 16 years and now lead an Independent Catholic church that offers the Sacrament of Holy Matrimony to same gender couples, ordains women, and judges no one.  Please don't judge Christianity by what this one woman says.

We do it in group style at;

Lol. Said the woman who lives with other women. Get a life and stop following a cult.

This lecture would make a hilarious comedy skit on Saturday Live. Think about it. LOL

Saturday Night Live

"I should not have had to been [sic]"

I think she secretly wants to watch some guy-on-guy action. She is the one who is a pervert.

I like nuns, when I was just alittle gay boy growing up, I would always watch Sally Field as the Flying Nun"

i knew then that I wanted to fly and that I was gay, 

But still trying to fly

Her outfit makes me more gay.

SHE is obviously out of her track.. hahaha

her teaching is whey out of her system she didn't know about men jerking or rather she's a hastler in jerking men or what so ever..

She is obviously insane.
Look at that tacky dress and hat she's wearing.
See it?
It made me gay.

Love those kids.  Like racism, it will be a long time dying, but it will die.

Didn't she say she has some gay friends? I think she was getting off with her dirty talk.

Burn that witch!

I'll begin by declaring that I'm not religious nor do I believe in a supreme being. I do find this type of disinformation, whatever your beliefs are, especiallly when given to school children, to be harmful and tantamount to abuse. It is incumbent.on all those who are dealing with vulnerable individuals, and in that I include minors, to ensure that whatever it is they are instructing is fact based and at least presents a balanced view so that those receiving instruction can make an informed choice of what to believe, especially where there is scientific evidence that contradicts previously held doctrine. The Catholic church acknowledge that the old testament stories are, in the main, allegories. Surely it is therefore impossible to square outmoded beliefs around male influence and masturbation with fact. In short, she was dumb to do this. Well done to the students though for standing up to such nonsense.

I'm glad the students are calling her on this and are protesting. THEY should be the teacher--not her!

She obviously did zero scientific research on the subject and is expressing her uneducated opinions as factual. She should not be speaking on a subject she obviously know nothing about. I'm glad the more educated students called her out on it.

A rock group was named after her. It was "Twisted Sister"

Funny how social conservatives decry teaching sex education in the schools, yet this woman talking to high school students about circle jerking in the barn to porn is perfectly fine. This woman is a pervert. God knows what she has on under that habit.

What would she know about sex? She's a nun for crying out loud! And I'm gay and I had a father figure in my life and I'm still gay! None of her claims were valid or politically correct. Bottom line she's a little crazy and really should look a little closer before making such harsh judgments about the LBGT community

Some people clearly need to "get a life" and leave the lives of others alone.

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