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The Cream Pies Are Making Their 'Ellen' Debut Today: Instagram

Updated Wednesday 3:30 p.m. PST

As promised, The Cream Pies performed on Ellen! (Like performed a song on The Ellen Show. Stop it, Instincters!)


How did they do??!


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The Cream Pies caught our attention in a BIG way when their video love letter to Ellen DeGeneres went viral!

Not surprisingly the gorgeous friends from Ohio piqued Ellen's interest as well, though presumably in a slightly different way.

The Cream Pies are making their debut on The Ellen Show on Wednesday and Ellen's teasing us with this Instagram photo:

Ellen writes: "@TheCreamPies are here tomorrow. Keep your shirts on. Or don't."

What about pants?? Pants off dance off!!!

Ellen continues to be the gift that keeps on giving. Will you be checking out The Cream Pies today, Instincters?

We'll throw some video up when it's available! 


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I love these guys. They are hysterical, a bit of cockiness without going over the top. I also say this knowing they are probably straight.

One of these guys, Bobby, was a shot boy at a gay bar in Columbus.

I know Billy was a shot boy at Union. Who else was?

Love them. Love Ellen 

Great group...and the Basketball Coach is HOOOOTTTTT!!!!!!   Ohio boys!!!!  Buckeyes are the best!!!!!!

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