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The Cream Pies Deliver A Music Video Love Letter To Ellen DeGeneres


No one needs an excuse to expound upon the virtues of the wonderful Ellen DeGeneres and the cute comedic boy band/rappers of The Cream Pies (yep, that's their name) have sent her the kind of viral love letter that we know she'll appreciate! 

We certainly do. 


According to The Cream Pies:

"This is not an attempt to get on her show (although what an amazing experience that would be), because that isn't how we roll. This is just an honest homage to the impression Ellen has left on us. And she agreed to appear in the video with us! She always looks so happy in person! Lol. So, ANYWAY... we say, 'We Love You, Ellen,' and this song's for you."

If Ellen does decide to have the boys on the show, she should have them perform their ode to her. Shirtless. Just because it would make it that much more heartwarming. 


(H/T: Boy Culture)


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Bill Bill Bill... So where do I start...firstly you are to part ways with your friends... Sorry but you are in a different league.... U are ridiculously handsome and have a quirky personality which makes u even hotter...if basketball coaching doesn't work for you, pls capitalize on your looks... Such a dreamy man... Women will fall for u, some men will be weak for u... I don't know if u are aware of how divinely u look.... Those buddies of yours should be your " emotional  friends".. U need to befriend ppl of ur stature and other words u need to have " economic friends" ...god I am soo weak ...

Bill HOTSAUCE ..... backups weaksauce 

Keep Bill ditch the rest...  Bill you got star written all over those abs.

They could do without the has been Disney kid. He hasn't gotten any better. 

Bill is the best thing about this group. The lil guy in the group is not so good.........

Not trying to be a downer here, but does this respect Ellen's sexual identity? Not quite certain that it does.

Bill can be my Pool boy if Ellen doesn't want him

Love me some Bill Reilich

he is very easy on the eye



That 4th guy---Bill Relich---is a dreamboat :) ......

If Ellen does not work out, give a doc a holler! ;-)

Thats so cute!!!! In behalf of the filipino people we say we love you Ellen Advance Happy Birthday and more blessings to come!!!! 

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