Creating #PositiveHomes For the Holidays For LGBT People in Need

As exciting as the holiday season can be for some of us, for others who are struggling with their lives it can be a difficult time for them for many reasons.  This particularly goes for people who are suffering from HIV/AIDS or chronic health conditions that make getting even the simplest of things difficult.  One organization wants that to be a thing of the past, and has created a campaign so that these people can enjoy their holiday season and beyond.

The organization is called The Alliance for  Positive Change, and their mission is to make sure people facing HIV/AIDS, chronic health conditions, and substance use disorder can take positive steps so they can feel better, live better, and do better. 

The campaign they are doing is called #positivehomes, where their initiative will create 50 positive home packages that includes many essentials we take for granted.  This includes everything from clothing to bed linens and towels and so much more.

They are looking to raise $5,000 for this initiative, and their board members Allen Zwickler and Ellen Pikitch have offered to match the first $2,500 raised, which is fantastic.

The link for the initiative can be found here, and for more on The Alliance for Positive Change, click here