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Creationist Cartoon Shown In Public High School Links Evolution & Homosexuality w/ Satan

A cartoon shown as part of a freshman biology Power Point presentation at Henry W. Grady High School in Atlanta, Georgia contrasts creationism and evolution and in the process links evolution--along with homosexuality, abortion, and pornography--with Satan.

The high school's newspaper, The Southerner, broke the news on the controversy surrounding the cartoon.

According to Huff Po

Atlanta Public Schools spokeswoman Jill Strickland Luse told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution the cartoon has since been removed from the district’s database.

"It appears that this science lesson plan was not properly vetted prior to being uploaded to the district’s SharePoint website last summer. When the district learned of the PowerPoint presentation and worksheet that is in question, the lesson and supporting documents were reviewed, and they were immediately removed," Luse said in an email to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. "The district is currently reviewing the vetting process for all lesson plans prior to uploading them for instruction. In addition, the curriculum coordinators will review lesson plans with teachers as part of their pre-planning session later this month."

Clearly, linking homosexuality--and evolution, in general--with Satan is a great message to send to public school students.