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Creepy Craigslist Ad Of The Month: Wet Underwear Contest For New Male Roommate

If an Andrew Christian video came to life, we imagine it'd start with this San Francisco Craigslist roommate-wanted ad:

It you'd like to live in an off-campus dorm room with a bunch of other fun guys in their 20s (and the "house bunny") for just $400 a month (includes everything) and you are:

a non-smoker
OK with pets (but have none of your own)
queer friendly

then put on your best pair of tightey-whiteys, bikini briefs, or g-string and try-out for our wet underpants contest! Winner gets an affordable place to stay and a bunch of new friends! (Runner-ups may get dates)

Maybe the much-criticized writers of Looking should peruse S.F.'s Craigslist for storylines that aren't so "boring."



It's a gay frat.  Pledge week?

Maybe not inventive, but I'd try out!

Not that inventive, yawn....wake me up on the next post. Thx 

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