Crowd Cheers Eminem, Boos Kid Rock At Detroit Pistons Game

Both Eminem and Kid Rock hail from Michigan.

But at a recent Detroit NBA game, guess which hometown hero the crowd was happy to see?

According to the Detroit Free Press, Eminem took Pistons fans by surprise, riling them to excitement.

“Let’s go,” he roared, and the crowd roared back with him.

But when the audience caught site of Kid Rock on the videoboard, boos erupted from the crowd. 

The difference didn’t go unnoticed by Pistons head coach Stan Van Gundy, who noted after the game Eminem’s appearance — in front of NBA commissioner Adam Silver, who was there to pay homage to the Pistons’ new home — said plenty. ”Without making a statement, they were able to make a statement,” said Van Gundy.

So why the happy welcome for Eminem, and the cold reception for Kid Rock?

It may have to do with Eminem's recent video tirade against Donald Trump.

Compare that with Kid Rock, who earlier this year visited Trump at the White House, along with his friends Sarah Palin and Ted Nugent.

In last year's presidential election, 66% of Wayne County, Michigan voters cast their ballot for Hillary Clinton.

H/T: Joe My God