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'CSI' Star Gerald McCullouch Opens Up On His 'Spark' w/ Gay NCAA Player Derrick Gordon!


Monday's reveal that openly gay NCAA player Derrick Gordon, 22, had hit the GLAAD Awards red carpet (and shared a smooch!) with former CSI actor Gerald McCullouch was met with more shock than we expected. 

Still, it appears that both gentlemen are taking it all in stride! 

McCullouch opened up to E! News about the "spark" that he and Gordon share and gave us all a little insight into their relationship!

McCullouch, 47, tells E! News that they first connected via Twitter a few years ago after Gordon saw McCullouch in the indie film BearCity, about a tight-knit pack of gay friends navigating life and love in New York.

"Through the years I've encouraged him to lead an authentic life and tried my best to offer as much objective support as possible," says the former CSI actor, who recently wrapped production on Daddy, his feature directorial debut, which he also stars in. The film just so happens to be about a fortysomething man who falls for a much younger guy.

"It was a scary time for him," McCullouch recalls, "and I tried my best to assure him that self-acceptance wasn't anything to be ashamed of and I strongly suggested he find a support team at UMass."


McCullouch says that he and Gordon finally met in person last month, after the athlete had come out to his family.

"There is certainly a spark between Derrick and me," the actor says. "I'm very proud of him and think he's an engaging, courageous, and handsome young man."

Have fun, gents!!


beautiful! good for them


Its unfortunate that self-loathing commenters will forever flood venom onto many postings.  Luckily, Love will always prevail and transcend above those small-minded negative trolls.

I don't know what all the vitriol and consternation was about. When I was that college age, many of the guys I dated (including a couple of serious ones) were significantly older than me. I guess I was a daddy hunter, but I just found older men not only more handsome but more intellectually engaging that the Sup, bro? crowd.

i can relate to that :-) 

Sugah! Giv me moneeehh!


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