Curaçao To Host Its First-Ever Gay Pride Week

It's tough to find a tolerant and safe spot in the Caribbean (looking your way, Jamaica), but gorgeous Curaçao's newly-raised rainbow Pride flag will soon change that after the island nation hosts its first ever Gay Pride Week in September. 

From a release announcing the groundbreaking event:

A masked street dance in downtown Willemstad, a White Party Curaçao Style, a movie marathon, an awards ceremony and the first Caribbean Conference on Women and Sexual Diversity are just a few of the big and small ways the island of Curaçao will honor LGBT icons and allies in the its first ever Gay Pride Week celebration. Gay Pride Week is a natural evolution of the former, and very popular, Get Wet Festival. But this celebration aims to be bigger and better with a full agenda of diverse events over five days. Curaçao Pride 2013 takes place from September 25-29th.
“Curaçao has always been welcoming to the LGBT community with appropriately oriented accommodations, events and attitude,” says André Rojer, Curaçao Tourist Board Marketing Manager North America. “But Gay Pride Week is a whole other dimension. We’re right up there now celebrating our diversity and pride along with cities like San Francisco, New York, Miami and others who annually host Gay Pride Weeks. We’re looking forward to the power and potential of this celebration.”

Organizers and the government have worked with their fellow Curacaoan community to lay the foundation for a welcoming, celebratory event that, if successful, might make Curaçao the most friendly island in the Caribbean.