Cute New Song Explains Anti-LGBT Bathroom Bigotry To Kids

Mr. Loops (Jon Lewis), a popular children's musician, breaks down the national anti-LGBT war waged in bathrooms into a song that's so easy to understand even bigots could get it!

LGBTQ Nation has more:

Lewis says his friend shared a meme on Facebook that pointed out Porta Potties have been gender neutral all along and nobody has cared, which prompted him to respond with what would become the chorus of the song. He says when others said they found his take on it amusing, as well as simple yet effectively communicative, an idea was born.

“I immediately thought that it could be a Mr. Loops song,” he says. “I imagined kids and families singing it and laughing, all the while instilling a sense of acceptance and awareness to this ‘issue.’”

What do you think of the children's song that's going viral?

(Image via LGBTQNation)




no parent, teacher, or anyone else who is involved in the lives of children will find this educational or helpful in explaining this issue with young people. 

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