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Cute YouTube Gaymer Comes Out & Challenges The 'Defense' Of His Perceived Heterosexuality

Adorable YouTube gaymer Chris "Solwolf" came out as bisexual to his fans in this clever video, but what may be most interesting his commentary regarding those that rushed to his "defense" against people that accused him of being gay. 


It's an interesting take on this preconceived idea that an individual's heterosexuality needs to be protected because there's something wrong with being perceived as gay (or anything other than straight).

We think Chris is gaining some new fans after this video! 


(H/T: The Gaily Grind)


Damn, I wish we had You Tube when I was his age. We needed two hands just to hold the betamax tape recorder. 

Bi-sexual with a preference for guys???  Just say you're gay and move on.

Let him define his sexuality how he wants and move on.

i swear if those beans are found to have been hurt im coming for him!

NOW, Are you a TOP or BOTTOM???
what do you prefer??? sincerely....

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Good on you Kid!

You're awesome. 

Very, VERY cute! What an adorable, funny, sexy, sweet young man he is! I'm a fan!

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