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Dad Is Killed In Crash During Cross-Country 'Walk For Change' Following Suicide Of Gay Son

Joe BellePhoto Credit: Tom Ross w/ Steamboat Pilot & Today


Heartbreaking news. 

Joe Bell, the father who was walking across the United States to raise awareness for his 15-year-old gay son, Jadin, who committed suicide as a result of gay bullying, was killed after being struck by a semi-truck Wednesday night in eastern Colorado

Bell was hit while walking along the shoulder of Highway 40. It's believed that the driver, Kenneth Raven, fell asleep at the wheel. He's been cited for careless driving resulting in a death.

"Joe's Walk For Change" organizer Ann announced his death on Facebook, writing:

I am very sad to have to announce that our friend Joe Bell was hit and struck by a semi while on his walk last night. Thank you so much for all of your continued support, he loved everyone he came into contact with, and was so appreciative of all of your support. I will update with info as it becomes available. He will continue his journey now with Jadin. Please keep his family in your prayers and thoughts. 

Bell began his walk across America in April and had been speaking in schools and in other venues about the importance of ending homophobic bullying.

His goal was to walk 5,000 mile in two years, while educating people along his journey.


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This whole story is so sad on all levels and accidents do happen.  I don't think there is anything not on the level here.  I had a friend who was getting tired and pulled over to sleep on an off ramp.  A trucker was using the same off ramp and not sure if he fell asleep but ended up hitting him and the accident killed him instantly.  Accidents happen.  I learned something and that is if you have to pull over and nap on the ramp, you should use the on ramp instead because speed is slower than coming off a highway.  Truckers should also learn by this that the load you are carrying is not as important as the life or lives you may take and to not drive when you are tired. I agree with those that made the statement that carrying hate over from one terrible situation to another does no good and is the exact opposite of what this walk was all about.  We need a lot more forgiveness in this country and a lot less eye for eye. 

that I such a sad story why would ppl. Bully u if u were gay it's u not them so ppl need to worry about themselves not other ppl well prayers go out to the family ima be praying for y'all 

Something about this screams foul play.

My heart goes to out to the family, and may Joe & Jadin walk together, in peace and harmony in heaven.

As for the driver, may he burn in hell.

He for sure needs to be burnin in hell! Just talked with Satan and he said there's a VIP section in hell just for the truck driver

Do you really think more hatred and violence is what Joe and Jadin would have wanted? I think their message would be one of more forgiveness and peace.The man fell asleep at the wheel,only people who have lived the life of a trucker can know how that man feels and what he is going thru.

Nigel, I'm trying to reach you or your editor. Please contact me.

Nicole Miller

Steamboat Pilot & Today assistant editor


The driver was "CITED" for careless driving --- bull --- INVOLUNTARY MANSLAUGHTER !!! -- This is really sad --

May Joe and Jadin walk together in the hands of God and be FOREVER HAPPY !

I think this was engineered and he was purposely hit...something doesn't smell right...bless them both..and the poor mother left behind

Very good point!!! The good old biys club.S.R

Very sad -we lost an important voice.

So sad, but I am sure that they're every HAPPY to continue their walk all together, forever! My thoughts are with their family.

So very sad bless him and his family.

Sending my love to his family. One loss was enough but now his son has his father. May he be remembered.

Thoughts and prayers with all family. May you find some kind of peace knowing that a loving father and son were reunited. So very sad.

Thoughts and prayers for the family. That is tragic and incredibly sad. 

Oh my god.

That is such a tragic story. so sad.

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