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Daddies Anderson Cooper And Andy Cohen Talk Who's Kinkier!

The unfortunately completely platonic relationship between openly gay BFFs Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper remains one of the biggest untapped goldmines for TV personality fan fiction, but during a segment on Watch What Happens Live, the two silver foxy men spill some hot deets that really help fill up the page! If you are in fact writing fan fiction about them. Which I'm about to dedicate my life to in about three minutes.

Kim Zolciak, who thankfully was not tardy to this party, quizzes the boys on everything from undies preferences (Andy wears briefs. So hot BTW) to their worst fears (Anderson is afraid of going broke. Seems legit.) When asked about when Andy lost his virginity, Anderson quips "thirty-four" while Andy bypasses the question by proudly proclaiming that he's a "gold star" - meaning that he hasn't had sex with a woman. Thanks for the fun fact, but really, when did you first get down and dirty and can we have ten thousand details! Oh girl, I am thirsty this morning.

The real magic happens when the fellas talk about who's kinkier in the bedroom, and apparently the distinction goes to Anderson! I love seeing these two non-lovers pal around on camera and can't wait for all the shenanigans that are sure to happen when they host CNN's New Year's Eve. You? Let us know below!



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