Daddy Gerard Butler Reveals Craziest Place He's Had Sex!

Total d to the addy Gerard Butler's horniness level always seems to be at a ten, and to be honest, if that mug and bod were what I glanced every time I looked in the mirror, so would mine! But alas, the girl I see staring back at me is a freeze dried Michael Cera. MY POINT, is that the forty-eight-year-old Butler delivers during interviews like no other, and while chatting it up with the man who helped unite Kathy Griffin with the underside of a bus just in time for New Year's Eve, Andy Cohen, spilled on the craziest places he's had sex! And yeah, they be cray: 

I’m trying to think, I’ve had sex in some pretty places. I had sex on the side of a volcano once. That was pretty cool. Actually, it was pretty hot. 

LOLZ. You rascal. He continues about taking his National Geograph-ass to yet another exotic local:

And on a glacier. I'm going to be honest, it was not fun. My ass stuck to the ice.

Cohen's spank bank is comprised exclusively of sexual and headline-grabbing comments he elicits from his guests, and judging by his trademark giggling in this clip, this little deposit from Butler was withdrawn as soon as Cohen got to his dressing room. "My ass stuck to the ice?" It's so... visual! Butler stopped by Watch What Happens Live to pimp his new movie Den of Thieves, but to be honest, if the flick doesn't feature the synchronous blowing of Butler's wad with the explosion of a volcano, I don't want anything to do with it. You? Let us know in the comments!