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Dallas Morning TV Host Walks Off Set In Protest Of Michael Sam Kiss

The Broadcast's Amy Kushnir might be confused for Elisabeth Hasselbeck after a stunt she pulled on air Wednesday morning. The resistance she faced from the show's co-hosts (including LGBT ally Courtney Kerr) once her ugly anti-gay bigotry was laid on the set's table was too much for the small-minded Kushnir. Looks like the only articulate response she could form to confront reason and humanity was to storm off the set.

Prior to walking off stage, Kushnir said:

"When parents do not have a choice about whether or not they want their children to see this, it is wrong...I don't call it a moment of celebration...It's being pushed in faces. I don't want to see that. I don't want to see cake in your face, kissing each other."

So, TV subject matter that includes murder, rape, adult language, divorce, infidelity and so on is okay with Kusnir for kids' consumption, but a display of love between a gay monogamous couple is OMG EWWW WRONG THINK ABOUT THE CHILDREN I DON'T WANT TO SEE THAT! Mother of the Year award, anyone? 

Watch as the Fox News protégé brings the drama to Dallas morning TV:


UPDATE:  Amy Kushnir will address controversy in national interview guessed it.


whats wrong with you ? so what some people cannot bear the sight of two gay people kissing ? does it need an explanation ? there are things people like and others that they don't like . of course if expressing your feeling will hurt others, maybe you should do it in private, but when that thing you dont like is splashed on your face like this , its normal to feel offended ( gay kiss or straight kiss), personally, I HATE PDA, any PDA, i hate it for myself and i hate watching other people make out in public, it makes me uncomfortable, its something  private . i even have a problem holding hands in public, and i now a lot of people who are like me . stop judging people who don't appreciate you , concentrate on those who do . period

Chris Anderson, I live in Wilton Manors (hence the W M moniker) Why don't you call the W M police and ask them for a report of how many times they are called to The Manor due to fights, drug dealing and drug overdose? If you don't see homelesness, then you're just in total denial. And if you haven't met a single bi-polar gay dude then you're probably bi-polar yourself. You're an ostrich and you need to get your head out of the sand bro. The propaganda that you all are spreading is that you're all perfect and that your lives are perfect. Therefore you should be able to get married. Thank God Florida will never pass that. 

I couldn't care less about the kiss. They did something in relative privacy but media chose to blow it out of proportion. If you have a problem with this.... turn off your tv. Homosexuality exists :o. It can't go away because you have a book that vaguely categorizes it as a problem. More importantly. ....nobody seems to notice that the woman on the doesn't understand that all forms of discrimination aren't racism lol.

She has the right to not see that on TV. But I also have the rights to ask her tv channel to not present us dumb, fascist, stupid, blond, uneducated bitch not to be a host on TV

Why do these christian parents think they have the power or right to control everything their kids sees. Sure kids need to be protected from alot in the world, but no parent has the right to keep a child dumb and ignorant to the things they dont like. Kids need protection from parents too.  The fact that Michael kissing his boyfriend is such a big deal is because it is the ice breaker. There is no difference in a man kissing his boyfriend, or his girlfriend, and you see plenty of man on woman kisses in sports. Once all this shit blows over a man in sports kissing his man will hold no more controversy than a man in sports kissing his woman. Yes, unsportsmanlike behavior posted in a public forum, not spoken in the privacy of his home, but posted on a public forum warrants such fines and punishments. These christian hags keep saying, "you can be fined for having an opinion from the privacy of your own home" their whole thought process are examples of how children are failed when "protected" from seeing what their parents dont want them to see, or know. 

People who judge are hypocrites. It's not ur place to judge someone. I have a son who is gay and altho it's not my thing its also not my place to tell him it's wrong. I am a Christian and so the comments made about Christians is just as wrong as the ones made about homosexuals. Whether or not I think it's right or not i does not give me the right to be anything but accepting. My baby is who he is and I couldn't be more proud. The truth is that it's not really a choice. You are either born this way or u are not. You shouldn't judge just bc it's not ur way or it's different. Whether they are gay or Christian or rainbow colored. And if this lady doesn't like it that's her bad maybe she shouldn't be on tv. Teach ur kids what is right and what is wrong but don't make them narrow minded shallow haters. God loves us all the same. And He says very clearly in red Mw 7:1. Thou shalt not judge lest u b judged by HIM. Nowhere in red do u see anything about it being a sin to love someone of the same sex. It does say fornication is wrong and killing and lying and stealing are sins. But not. truly loving someone. So if hypocritical pesos are going to play its a sin card...they should make sure they themselves are without sin and are perfect...only then can they say anything about it. Hypocrites and judgemental morons piss me off!!!!!!

This is a matter of unacceptance towards anything that makes you uncomfortable. Kids die everyday, in our face, doesn't bother you that much right?. No one says nothing about it. No words of hate.
Are 2 kissing guys too much in your face? Really? Two working, healty,intelligent, succesfull guys fighting for a dream, making an acomplishment is an example for society. We shoud teach our children to love, and tolerance and respect, and fighting for dreams until they come true. 
Not hate against anyone. Thats why we´re still mad all the time, sad, lonely. Thats why we fail chasing our own dreams cause we cant recognize hapiness even when when its ´´in our face´´. 

In regards to the questions, "Why are gays so arrogant...and need to be bigger, better, smarter, dressier, and etc.?" Answer: Hate. If you, a "normal" person, were made to feel small, bad, dumb, less of a person...even threatened with bodily harm (some gays have been permanently disfigured and killed), you would probably be a little resentful. You would probably feel like you have to be the smartest one in the class to be accepted. Or the fastest...handsomest... Yes, there might be a little attitude there, but try to understand where it is coming from. 

Don't believe all the HYPE you hear about gay men. I live in a very densely gay populated area in South Florida. Oh and before you attack, and call me a repressed gay man, for living here, I'll have you know: I was here long before they took over! Here are the facts on gay men: 1. Many are bi-polar. 2. Many are drug addicts and/or alcoholics. 3. Many are out of shape, dumpy, average looking guys. 4. Many are angry and provoke fights with straights and other gays. Cops are constantly being called for gay fighting. 5. Many are unemployed and or homeless. 6. A lot of the gay men will hit on anything with a clock, including straight men, married men, etc With no regard to these men's wives, families or relationships. So please DON'T believe all the hype you hear about gay men and their perfect, exemplary lives!!! It's a myth, and propaganda spread by the gay community to convince the rest of us that all is well in their world, when it really isn't!

WOW!  Any facts or statistics to back that up?  I live in south florida as well and prior to living here, I lived in Los Angeles.  I have been around gay people all my life.  And I don't know any that are bi-polar.  I know as many straight women who use party drugs as I do gay men.  I have seen countless more fights break out from drunk straight women at bars than I have ever seen from gay men. And ironically, I have been in several gay bars where I have seen drunk straight women start fights and then the gay men clean  up the situation.  And please cite your police statistics that prove that cops are being called to constantly break up gay fighting.  I know almost no unemployed or homeless gay people.  I know of one young boy who was kicked out of his home when his parents found out he was gay, but he was seeking help with a living situation at the LA gay and lesbian center which I know houses many young teens that have been kicked out by their parents, probably because their parents hear bullshit like you are spewing here and think ill of their children and throw them away like trash.   I also haven't notice an abundance of gay men aggressively hitting on straight men.  I am not sure what part of South Florida you live in where all of this is happening, but in Oakland Park which has a high percentage of gay people in it, I am just not seeing any of this.   Oh, and exactly what is the "gay propaganda" that they are spreading?  It seems like you are suggesting that their message is, "Hey, we are really nice people.  We aren't bi-polar, alcoholics who are hooked on drugs and are homeless and unemployed and want to aggressively go after your husband so watch out ladies because we are going to be man-handling him and more than likely we will beat you away in order to get in his pants right there on the streets or at dinner."  If you think this is what the gay agenda is, then I would say you are pretty much insane and don't live in reality.  You just hate people and want to propogate that.  Good luck with your life

Wow what a way to describe gay men. Wait... it sounds like you're describing a straight man as well. Hmm.... 

I live in Dallas and about 50% of the homosexual scene is as described; but the same is true of the heterosexuals...could it be that they are all human beings?

I think the problem might be that you live in Florida.

I have a couple of questions for the gays.

Why so much arrogance amongst the gays? (especially towards normal/straight people)

Why does everything you stand for have to be bigger, better, more, etc than the rest of the general population?

And finally, why so MEAN? The nasty posts I see on here from the gays is mind boggling! They want THEIR opinion and no one else to have theirs! RIDICULOUS!!!

Your post is just as nasty as any of ours, whoever you are.  Why do you and people like you, so bitterly resent our fighting back after centuries of persecution.

I think people who don't punch their ponies make me sick!!

I think that people who don't punch their ponies make me sick!!

I completely agree with one of them, if it would have been a wife kissing her husband, she would have had no problem with it. So why is it an issue for a man kissing a man. Get with the times, and the sad part is that a large part of America share her views, or at least what she sounded out to be her views. I think the world needs to get over the differences created by there so called god and realize that if there is actually a god, he created us all equally.

You call 30 minutes of consistent video replay equal?! I don't think Tom Brady gets that much air time if/when he kisses his wife. The fact is most news networks are run/influenced by gay men in high places. This was simply an agenda power play. They could have shown one kiss and cut away. Whether it's wardrobe malfunctions showing women's breasts or this crap, it still has no place on a sports channel that includes an audience of adolescents and children.

very entertaining....  great day-time viewing.

I am all for what he did, but they keep talking about it.....they don't keep talking about the other guys celebrating with their family.....get off the topic and let them play football....all four of those women had the right to voice their opinion....but they were shutting the ones in the middle down just like they were shutting the football player down...two wrongs don't make a right.  

Why don't those two dusty old cunts in the middle just go die already? 

I'm with Amy. other host were just awful......mindwashed dumbshits with incoherent arguments.

I'm with Amy too!! All the other two are kool aid drinking liberals that bull doze anyone who disagrees. What happened to all that tolerance preaching?

How about dem Cowboys!?

If these women want to live life from a biblical perspective, then they had better get off television. According to the Old Testament of the Bible, NO WOMAN has the right to voice ANY opinion in public. She cannot represent herself of speak in public. She cannot teach or instruct men (or boys). So if these women think they would like to live under Biblical laws and tenets, they should shut up and go be at home. They actually shouldn't ever even be seen in public without their husbands.

Oh, is that too inconvenient? Does that not fit your "modern lifestyle?" Do you need permission to ignore certain parts of the Bible that you "don't like?" These women and other Fundamentalist Conservatives are disingenuous, hypocritical, hateful assholes.

Tim, study all of the Bible before publicly sounding off, it will spare you from sounding so incredibly ignorant. ..well maybe?


ok they were talking about all the press others were getting talking about it. so they needed to make a scene to make the news which is what they did.    rather then have a discussion the one whiney chick   just says she going to Midland.  so what your thoughts and believes are not strong enough to have a conversation about them.   clearly this was all about ratings.   they all look like they are experts  but clearly not.     why is it when the one lady is stating other players  had texted mean things  she didn't either know the names or felt that they shouldn't be called out for clear bullying.  I would rather watch ducks quack to each other in a park.   this show needs to go away its part of the dumbing down of our country. 

I'm sure that someone has mentioned that discrimination against people based on their sexual orientation is not called racism - lady on the left.

what? stupid blond girl cant take a bit of pressure? ... gay kiss only in private ? good job she fucked off!

... and the grand ma playing the card "im amercan i can be homophobic because is my right of speach" ... suck my cock you old soggy cunt

like the other two girls, wouldn´t take any crap form them

wasn´t sure about Dallas, but liking a lot more now

I love how people get pissed off like you. You and the lady that walked off the set have a lot in common. She's using her right to protest and hour using your right to freedom of speech calling her all these lovely names...I think you both can use some training in common courtesy and manners.

the two at the ends were awesome the two in the middle word dirty rotten bigots and will burn in hell

Even if you dont agree with somebody's comment. Give them a fair chance to give their view and comment. I think the interview were not controlled and unprofessional. I would have walked out also!!!! This said I repeat and say you font have to agree to have manners.

I believe you can defend what you believe, but when what you believe is you can call someone horrible, disgusting for what they do, that is not a belief, that is an obtrusive opinion.

She should be replaced let her leave she is just a bigot racist bitch. Her poor children are in trouble being raised by such a full of hate (im sure bible thumpin racist) woman thats going to disown one of her boys when they come out of the closet.

Let the Bitch walk, God help her sons if there gay!

she just want to be on the news because she's jealous of all the attention they are getting.

? English...


It was a KISS! Who cares???? People act like they took off their clothes and went to town on each other and let's face it...that would be bad whether it was a gay or a straight couple. Get over it.

Which is exactly what the Lady who left was trying to say, less kissie-face and more football! Period!

Why can't we comment on what we believe?  Some like it and some don't.  We are being bullied into accepting whatever is new, different and trending.  Acceptance?  Inclusion? Tolerance?  I see liberals demanding it but not allowing the conservatives the same courtesy. In other words, "My beliefs are currently socially acceptable, so I can criticize you."  We have a long way to go before any two differing opinions can BOTH be respected.

I don't feel like we can't say what we want as people but as she said if you work for a company you represent them at all times. If you say something that goes against their rules and you don't like the punishment you have to decide to stay or find another job. Like if I worked for a Religious organization and I decided to tweet about how all religious people are idiots and their all wrong about God and heaven and hell.. I bet the organization I work for would throw a fit.  I also can understand what she said about not wanting to see them kiss but if you are going to say you don't want to see them kiss, you have to apply that to all kisses that have been on CNN or whatever network it maybe. Because if you say well no it is just the two guys or two girls kissing that I don't want to see that is homophobia in its plainest terms. 

You CAN comment on anything you like - however YOUR freedom of speech doesn't mean that once you say something everyone else has to shut up and not exercise THEIR freedom of speech to respond. Some conservatives seem unclear on this, as well as the concept of tolerance, acceptance and inclusive - essentially saying "You're being intolerant by failing to approve of my intolerance".  It's no better than if someone were to express objection to an interracial kiss.  Speaking out against prejudice is never merely "trendy".  When your beliefs are prejudicial and you express them, then you have to expect the heat of whatever speech is returned - To act as if YOU are the victim when someone else is merely responding to your speech with their own is self-pitying and pathetic.  Prejudice is not a merely differing opinion meriting equal respect - it is wrong.

Your comment is fine and all, but the problem is not with the "heat" you get for having a dissenting opinion.  It's the blatant shouting down of said opinion that's the problem.  

This practice is called Political Correctness.  It's designed to form and control the thought process of the public.  Most people can't comprehend that they are feeding this system.  Attacking someone's position because it doesn't agree with your own only breeds anger.  This country used to allow people to be friends with people that we don't agree with.  Not any more.  It's no longer allowable to accept people for their differences.  We say it is, but in practice it doesn't work out that way.  This is why your tolerance/intolerance line falls flat on it's face.  Most that preach it do not practice it.

Political Correctness is Un-American.   

Very sad.  The old woman, susy, used to be a wonderfully funny on air personality. That was 40 years ago.  She has lost her relevance and is no longer a nice person.  Just another mean, bitter old lady.  The other blond.  Midland?  good choice for you.  She also has a rather limited reputation in the community.  It certainly shows.  They both need to go.  

I like controversy as it makes people think but flat out hypocrazy and mean spirited talk does no one any good.  The old girl wants her old amerika back and the younger bimbo wants her southlake neighborhood life for everyone.  geez

Hypocrites often fail to remember that freedom of speech has to be a 2 way street in order to be freedom of speech. Sure you can voice your opinion but when you voice something that others find offensive you have to allow them to use their right to free speech. That's how it works ladies. If you can't grasp that simple concept you have no business on the air.

so do your degrees give you insight as to what "God intended"?  i also have multiples degrees and i get that God intended us to love one another and allow God to be the judge not humankind.


Amy Kushnir is well-known around the Dallas area for being a complete air head and total kept wife moron. She never speaks for herself: she speaks only what her church and husband tell her to say. She really does not have a clue on how the real world works. She only wants to be on TV, be pretty, and think that her words mean something special for everyone to fawn all over. People pretend to like her so that they can get her to say stupid things and then they laugh at her behind her back.

As a professor, a doctor, a Ph.d, I can honestly tell you gay men and women your anatomical "parts" don't fit together as God had intended. ie. Men/Women. Isn't it obvious? 

As a doctor can you look into the mystery of why babies happen when a boy puts the thing he pees out of into a girls pee hole?   (Where did you get your degree - vacation bible school?)

Seriously I doubt very much that you even graduated from high school,  That level of intelligence is a dead give away.  Why are you even on here to look at pictures?   I doubt that you can read above a 5th grade level .

A doctorate purchased on the internet...anyone can purchase one! Your grammar is horrible. Take your doctorate degree lies elsewhere. Biggot.

Amen. It's apparent that in the eyes of many, when someone of a conservative and spiritually-based nature speaks out, it makes them uncultured, dumb and closed-minded. I disagree... God will have the final say.

He will have the final say! And he will say all the conservative, gay bashing, bible misconstrued, tax evading, bigoted hypocritical, right wing Hitler wannabes are quite wrong.  Conservatives are not spiritual. They lie and  hide behind saying their religious, which is totally different. But if you wrote down conservative religious ideals on a piece of paper untitled and had an unknown read it outloud, it would sound more like the Nazi movement than anything Jesus ever said. Thats the truth. 


who knew you could get a Ph.d through home school?

I smell a mail order Ph.d.

As a Ph.d. I would think your ability to comprehend diversity would be better, it exists throughout the universe. Putting those supposed impressive letters after your name, does make your bigotry any more attractive.

Sorry, professor, doctor, PhD. You've just exposed yourself as a biased, unintelligent individual.

hmmm, not sure how serious I can take this since there are grammar issues in the post - look closely. Always make sure to proofread before posting. Just my two cents. 

Not sure about whether or not you wear pants but you sure aren't a 'smarty' on this issue ... more willfully ignorant.  

"I don't know why I made love to him.  First I was kissing him, and, then we were suddenly naked, and, then we were kissing some more, and, then suddenly, we were wrapped up in each other's bodies, in each other's kiss.  I didn't plan it...I did what came NATURALLY.  Being intimate with him resonated with my entire person, my spirit, and my gut.  I celebrated my intimate time with him.  And, I thanked God for the opportunity to 'be' with this man.  And, the thought of doing the same thing with women was NOT a natural feeling  for me at all."  - Jeff


Oh my God Jeff get a life instead of living in fantasies!

Good for Jeff! 

Wow.. for someone who is a professor, a doctor and a Ph.d you sure do have a small mind!

"as God intended", lol.  Sorry, I don't buy that you're smart. 

are we really to believe that this woman was watching the 248th player getting drafted on ESPN with her children?? she's totally lying and using the "DO IT FOR THE CHILDREN" excuse!

second of all, can we talk at all about the CHRISTIAN agenda and how it treats homosexuals?? The Gay agenda doesn't say being a Christian is unnatural and that they are evil and will burn in hell.

So children see it so what!   They better get use to it cause this is 2014 and the closet door is open.. We all are going to lots more.  They  are going to see worse in their life!

Well said.  That's my new tag line, 'The Christian Agenda'.

its inspiring to know the world is changing for the better <3 

The two in the middle need to get over it!!  Judging others is also wrong according to the bible!  I am a Christian but I also think that you have a right to love whoever you want!  When the end comes and they are wrong in their ways God will make the final judgement! I am a retired military man and this same kind of ignorance was out of control when they aloud openly gay individuals join the military!  Some of the things I would hear were so stupid!  The military is full of gay people and it always has, the only difference is now they don't have to worry about being kicked out for it!  I had a friend early on in my career that was gay and he was given an article 15 and a Dishonorable discharge, why did they kick out one of the best miIitary men I have ever known...only because he was gay!  He was even hand selected to work with Thunderbirds Demo team!!!  Our world is changing!

You're a good man and I'm sure your fellow soldier would appreciate the fact that his brother-in-arms is taking up for him, even though this technically isn't your fight.  I respect you, sir.  

you know ...kushnir  is no better than mr sterling ....really sad to see a classy lady just turn herself into some white trash after those comments.......really sad wonder america is still what it is with people like her around......disgust me ...

As a gay man I can see everyone's point. YES, if you don't want your kids to see public displays of affection, I get it. I don't like my niece to watch soap operas. There is a lot of behaviors that I don't want her to see.  So you do have a right to change the channel and express your opinions that may be contrary to mine. This is a great country and I believe that the government is encroaching on our rights to say and do what we please in the privacy of our homes. We all tell naughty jokes and criticize others from time to time. It is not the government's job to censor that. However, if someone is identified as an employee of my business and they find themselves no matter how it got there, saying something derogatory about any particular group, I will discipline or fire them based on the severity. In this new digital world, we have an enhanced responsibility to keep our private thoughts and conversations from becoming public. It is a sad reality...but a reality nevertheless.

While I appreciate your stance, we cannot blame someone for 'causing' a reaction in us.  This is by far, the biggest psychological fallacy that exists within the human psyche.  By catering to the "others cause my reactions to life" frame of mind, you enable a turbulent, corrupted mentality and understanding of life (why you mostly see conservative hicks screaming and hurting people).  A free society must deal with things they will not like emotionally...this is the essence of freedom.  Through education and intellectual discourse, we improve peoples understandings and lessen their emotional reactions to life.  Mentalities that look to "emotional fascism" (normally conservative) are the only mentalities that try and change the world to fit their emotional needs.  Everyone else...realizes when they are having a "negative reaction" and knows how to deal with it internally, or...discuss it intellectually.  I understand the "safety" that not confronting these emotional mentalities can offer...but, it is no time, to be safe.  :)

When you are not driven by emotions, but intellect, you understand that YOU (ourselves)...are responsible for all emotional reactions you have in life.  So...this mentality blames others for making them 'feel' the way they do. the core of the devout conservative mentality...the need to "feel" others cause their reactions to things.  Remember...conservatives...are the emotional ones.

Jonathan Higbee, I get that this woman is ignorant and homophobic. She made that clear and you have put it out for all to see. Good job. However, do you have to insult other people who have nothing to do with this story. Why the shot at Elisabeth Hasselbeck? (Who, by the way, changed her mind years ago and now supports the rights of gays to marry.) And the Fox news bit at the end. Your High School pettiness is nauseating and repellant. You add nothing to the debate with your petty attacks and actually detract from the issue. You embarrass yourself as much as the woman did whom you just put on blast. Grow up.

Ignorance at its best! If it wasn't for people pushing the women's right movement back in 1848 u wouldn't even be able to have an opinion. And for someone to sit there and say Michael Sams not allowed his rights as a homosexual man like girl boo guess what news flash America was built on the concept of equality bitch u got urs sit the fuck down somewhere rethink ur thoughts ur a public figure u got ur rights way back in the day now be respectful and keep ur mouth shut. That's why u can't say anything negative bitch u an influential public figure. What if ur kids turned around and told u to shut the fuck up ur a woman u don't have any say in ur house hold? PAUSE..... BITCH U'D WHOOP HIS ASS RIGHT! so shouldn't u be held accountable for ur ignorance? Good day

Can we all agree that the blonde woman is freakin HOT!!!  Would I love to have her in the sack!!

School kids can't even say "under God" when reciting the pledge of allegiance! They can't pray. And recently in Florida a child was told he couldn't read his bible during his 90 minutes of FREE time. But we're forced to watch two men kiss on ESPN. REALLY AMERICA? 

THUMP THAT BIBLE- again a non judgemental so called Christian perpetuates the "Christian agenda"  It would be different if was a man and woman kissing huh   I know yes shove those homos back in the closet huh?

None of this statement is remotely true, 

You have no idea what the fuck you are talking about.

no one forced you to watch! if people dont like what they are watching, use the remote duh!

Good!  Want religion?  Go to church.  Want to learn?  Go to school.  Church.  School.  Not the same

Want gay kids watch espn

What?  None of that made sense.  Hell, it wasn't even a sentence.

To Amy Harrel: she wasn't saying racial discrimination is same as gay discrimination. She was simply stating that any discrimination is wrong. When someone is hated on, discriminated against, they all feel the same emotions, same pain regardless what type it is. Race, your image, a homeless person, gay. We just need to stop categorizing the types of discriminations, there is no such thing. Pain is pain. Love is love. When someone says your racist against black people, you're just racist period! you're racist towards a human being! Black White asians mexican, etc. Human!

I am proud of the two women in the middle for sticking to their guns despite how hard it was. I see what that girl on the far left is saying but it does seem as if gay rights are being shoved down our throats. We are a free country but also founded on the principles of God. If youre wondering why our country is in the shape its in, we have gotten away from our founding principles and foundation.
You cannot say that being gay is the same as racial discrimination.

LOL. The Founding Fathers weren't even Christians. Bye Felicia.

Oh how is that?  When you discriminate against anyone you are hating on them.  You must believe that gays choose to be that way and could convert if they wanted to, right?  It doesn't work and anyone who tells you it does are fooling themselves,  Gays don't chose to be gay believe me-do you think that you could be converted to be gay  I know the answer. They are in the situation as blacks they dont chose to be black they are born that way.  Gays although is not born that way but through  circumstances end up that way no fault of their own   Please explain how it is different when you hate on a group it is discrimination whether it is gay, black or gender based

Its me "anonymous" again, i'd also like to cover my ass and say "under god" was added to the pledge by Eisenhower in the 1950's

 I don't know where you learned the history of the USA but, America was not founded on the principles of God. Maybe you are just a Christian so that is your world view.  Source: History major/classical civ./pre Columbian America enthusiast. And I assure you, the debt we are in is because of war spending, not gay people. 

1. Nothing about America being a Christian nation is in the constitution.
2. James Madison, and Thomas Jefferson two of Americas key founders, actually fought for separation of church and state, and often public degraded the actions of a lot of Christian churches. And to quote the president Alexander Hamilton "The one has no particle of spiritual jurisdiction; the other is the supreme head and governor of the national church!” (explaining the difference between the English king and the u.s. president. Theres also George Washington, I encourage you to read the "letter to the touro synagogue"  Where he talks of a multi-religious nation, and shoots down the idea of a "Christian nation". Here is a quote from said letter "The Citizens of the United States of America have a right to applaud themselves for giving to Mankind examples of an enlarged and liberal policy: a policy worthy of imitation. . . . All possess alike liberty of conscience and immunities of citizenship. It is now no more that toleration is spoken of, as if it was by the indulgence of one class of people that another enjoyed the exercise of their inherent natural rights. For happily the Government of the United States, which gives to bigotry no sanction, to persecution no assistance, requires only that they who live under its protection, should demean themselves as good citizens."
And to go on with the list of our "key founders" who you say "founded this nation as christian" John Adams was actually not even convinced of the divinity of jesus christ, and was a non-believer.
3. Conservative christians actually attacked the constitution, because of its lack of reference to christianity.

I would go on, but i feel as though you will not read this in its entirity. But hopefully you did and understand your logic is flawed, and based on you're upbringing most likely, and id is not based on factual information. Have a great day, and remember "the only truth is absolute truth".

I CAN say that it's the same as racial discrimination, because it is.  But there are still people like you who believe and feel entitled to your bigotry.  And luckily, the time when your kind of bigotry is acceptable is finally coming to an end.. 

I believe this woman walked off because what she really wanted to say was I hate homosexuals.  It's pretty obvious to me as well as the older women next to her.

I dont believe that was the case.  She was fearful that her kids would see the kiss.  My opinion is to let them see it because you should not shelter  them from life.  The closet door is open and you will see more of it-men holding hands and kissing..  It is called tolerance kids  but then again if you are going to hang on the Christian agenda.  The hate comes out of those so called Christians that would be impossible.   No one can judge me but G-d and him alone so get off your holy pedestal and practice what your so call Christian theory teaches I dont see to much of that.

When you represent a business or a network, you have to put their best interest forward.   She got busted by her co-worker.  She wasn't very outspoken until provoked by the lady beside her, and I love it.  I get the shock, but, its only because we are not used to seeing it on TV.  

It is a huge step for the gay community (which I am a part of).  This man has been extremely brave and a roll model for many people.  He is showing us what is truly going on in this world.

She is showing her true colors and that she is not willing to advance with the rest of the world. Shame, shame, shame on you two ladies in the middle.  If you want to be on TV, you must get a little more education and exposure to what happens outside of your house.  

I have news for these ladies.  Your children are exposed to this everyday if they leave your home. Karma has a way of helping you to understand this.  It has been my experience that very often when someone is so against gay people, someone in their very own direct family turns up gay. Sorry, but, the odds are this will happen.  For your own peace of mind I hope you will deal with it with some compassion and respect. 


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