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Dallas Morning TV Host Walks Off Set In Protest Of Michael Sam Kiss

The Broadcast's Amy Kushnir might be confused for Elisabeth Hasselbeck after a stunt she pulled on air Wednesday morning. The resistance she faced from the show's co-hosts (including LGBT ally Courtney Kerr) once her ugly anti-gay bigotry was laid on the set's table was too much for the small-minded Kushnir. Looks like the only articulate response she could form to confront reason and humanity was to storm off the set.

Prior to walking off stage, Kushnir said:

"When parents do not have a choice about whether or not they want their children to see this, it is wrong...I don't call it a moment of celebration...It's being pushed in faces. I don't want to see that. I don't want to see cake in your face, kissing each other."

So, TV subject matter that includes murder, rape, adult language, divorce, infidelity and so on is okay with Kusnir for kids' consumption, but a display of love between a gay monogamous couple is OMG EWWW WRONG THINK ABOUT THE CHILDREN I DON'T WANT TO SEE THAT! Mother of the Year award, anyone? 

Watch as the Fox News protégé brings the drama to Dallas morning TV:


UPDATE:  Amy Kushnir will address controversy in national interview guessed it.


The whole panel is made up of beautiful women who stand up for what THEY believe in. That is THEIR constitutional right! Love those women! And Elizabeth Hasselback too!

Okay I believe when the woman was saying  it is being pushed in people's faces she meant that watching ESPN you don't expect to see any of that, so it was kind of a shock when it happened.   When you go to a romantic comedy or see a love story you are prepared for what is coming.  You expect to see a kissing and whatever else they have in the movie.  I think people want to introduce things to their children in their own time and when it is laid out in front of them they don't know how to handle it.   They try to keep their children in a bubble for as long as they can.

I could agree with that statement except straight players are frequently shown kissing their girlfriends/wives on sports networks including ESPN (see any SuperBowl celebration ever) and no one ever panics or says "how do I explain this to my kids". Perhaps she isn't a PDA person at all and if thats the case then say so and be consistent with that view. But lets be real here; the chances are very, very high that she isn't against PDA - shes against gay PDA. And that is both hypocritical and, yes, homophobic.

Very well spoken anonymous! !

I think you're right. But when you watch TV, especially live TV, you see a lot of things that you don't anticipate. People that have a problem with that should stick with Disney. I also think that many people use "children" as a red herring for their own bigotry. It's not about the children. 

Exactly, it's not about the children at all...if she really cared about her children, she might want to prepare and educate them about everything they'll encounter in the real world.  She might teach them love and acceptance of all.  Wait, no, she's not capable of that herself - how could she teach love and acceptance to her children?   Poor kids, it's not their fault she's their mother.  Hopefully, they will grow up and see what a bigot their mother is and create their own understanding of the world.  

wow.  what a lame ass bitch.  i have never seen that show and will be sure to never or watch it or support its advertisers.  4 grown individuals that cant agree to disagree. you have your right to feel how you feel, and you think that is the only way to feel?   poorest journalism ever.  who wants to picket this lame ass show???  i will be the first one there.

Another whiney baby. Grow some balls. Get a life. A straight life! A moral life! SHEESH!

Morality reference brought to you by "RamRod" who says grow balls! HAHAHA!! So what hick church do you go to that says moral statments like that? Go back to your mountian you redneck. And also balls are really delicate and sensitive. I would say grow a vagina. Those things take poundings and still go on like nothing else. Or grow a gay mans ass! They take a real pounding and POOP! HA!

Thank you for you keen observation and teaching us the facts of life -now get one!  A life

Your very welcome! Oh, I get it lol your being sarcastic! lol Good one there Butch. Wow my ass is burned! I need some aloe!  

I really hope that you dont actually think you got me on that. As you sit in your Mom's basement eating a dozen doughnuts or your "dinner" and wrote that and said, "Man I sure got him!" Please. Come at me again with something better. I absolutely will not engage in a war of wits with someone unarmed. 

This is totally abominable and should be completely unacceptable. Violating the human rights of homosexuals to express their affection in public, as heterosexuals do openly,  should not even be a point of discussion.

What is also disturbing here is reading  the comments of many gay men who seem to think that it is ok to continue having their sexuality marginalized and  made second to heterosexuality; an obvious sign of gay internalized homophobia.   I do hope that the two ladies in the middle pay with their jobs and that we gays coordinate a campaign to get them fired. We have suffered too too much hate. For example,  my first love Edward  was driven to suicide at age 27  by homophobes like the two ladies in the middle. And one of my dearest friends Mark is being held hostage by a heterosexual woman who with the help of homophobia, gay-shame, gay-guilttripping, used her false sense of heterosexual entitlement to get him to sign over his wealth to her in paper, leaving him financially broken and indebted for life;  in the process she rendered him her sex slave and prisoner, even after he came out to her as a gay man in 2013. 

Yes the hatred dished out by these two ladies has to be stopped; and above all, gay men have to stand up for their rights and stop being apologetic for public display of gay hate, as it is an obvious  display of internalized homophobia on the part of gays. It is not right for us to be discriminated men and women. It is also completely *unnatural*  to take a stance against the expression of homosexuality in our species in complete violation of the human rights of over 5% of the population; (note that less than 2% of homosexual  people in America are out, or living as gay people; the rest of us are being held prisoners and forced into situational heterosexuality, situational asexuality, or celibacy by homophobes, gay shame, and all forms of 'bars-less' types of self-imprisonments mediated by the fallout of centuries of dogma induced hatred). So men and women, stop looking the other way, or being apologetic for haters when things like these are aired. We have to fight against it, and the fight has only just begun.  We have to make sure that displays like these are punished.

The two women in the middle are racist uneducated people who think its ok for them to give their opinion and get upset when courtney and the other lady on the end speak theirs. Now I wasnt a big fan of courtney and the fact that she said what she said and stood up against those bitter women...kuddos to her. and the blonde that was going to midland...bye bye you getting up confirms youre a biggot and saying youre going to midland...well says alot.  ugh this really pisses me off. what a horrible horrible person those two ladies in the middle are.

So what is wrong with them being allowed to believe as they want to? Gays are now allowed to believe the way they want to? Aren't you bashing them the same way they bashed you? For their beleifs? Think about that ok? Freedom of speech is still a right in America still. The government has not taken that law away yet?

Yes anyone is able to discuss their beliefs and anyone can disagree with them and it is when the ladies on the ends who tried to tell them why their beliefs are in question she didn't want to hear it so she stormed off to no doubt pray

Hahaha, paranoid much? 

Is it okay to publicly denounce women's equality? Is it okay to publicly announce that black people are inferior to white people? People lashing back at you for your opinions is not in violation of any law, it isn't a governmental issue. I guess people shouldn't have stood up for equal rights for women or black people. Remember, we as a society enslaved an entire people, then limited the views of an entire sex, now we are oppressing a group of people for who they love. 

The difference is gays are wanting equal rights, as they deserve them. People are oppressing them. Expressing how you want to continue to oppress isn't morally right. Also remember that humans are given rights until the limit the rights of other people. On the same basis that we can prohibit individuals from smoking cigarettes in front of doors because they can harm others.

Freedom of Speech means they won't get arrested for saying what they believe.  But sadly, what they believe is bigoted and small.  They HATED the fact that two people kissed each other over very happy news.  That's it.  That's all.  Jesus, yeah Jesus, will not judge them kindly.  

You clearly do not have a full understanding of freedom of speech.  Freedom of speech ensures that you can not be detained or persecuted by the government for things you say.  You can still suffer condemnation and sanctions from your employer and the public.  Get a clue.  Bigots beware, this country is finally waking up to your BS.  You can no longer hide behind your religion to advance your hateful discrimination.  

Let's get her off this show. The world has no room for a woman with such hate. Goodbye, your career is over. 

The two in the middle are the same kind of women that secretly wish slavery was still legal. Perhaps since they are in Texas, they have an illegal chained in their pantry. Not to worry though, it is sound proof so they can keep it from their children. LOL I hope she has a gay child. Once "Gay" arrives on your door step, you develop a different attitude about it. When you see someone you love that has struggled for years just being who God Made them to be, maybe you will be a little more understanding. My Mom used to say that Gay people should die and go to hell until she realized that her own son was suicidal over something he couldn't change. Now there's a fact. If you can't deal with current topics in a productive way without giving your opinion, then maybe you should choose a more suiting career.

God does not make gay's sorry read your bible.. and what does not wanting to see men kissing on espn have to do with slavery? not even close comparison. This world is getting sicker every day. It seems it is fashionable to be gay these days. People are cry babies now kids can't even stand up for themselves... because of being bullied the parents have to protect the little sissy's. who are most likely gay anyhow. I think all football players need to exploit they are heterosexual.. I would not want to be sharing a locker room with a gay man if I were a straight guy.   Sick sick world we live in lets get over trying everything in our power to go against the BIBLE and start living right.

God doesn't make gay's sorry read your bible... 

Gay's sorry what!?!?   I think you're missing a noun there, Jane!  Or perhaps once you're done having a flip through the bible you might want to pick up a grammar book.  

PS: The bible also forbids a number of other things, including eating ham and getting shave and a haircut.  I assume you're against those as well? 

I dont get that comment that you wouldn't want to share the same locker room if you were a str8 male.  Why do you think that a gay male will go after any male.  You are so wrong-gay males have in their mind what appeals to them.  Some like blonds some like twinks some like them muscular just you know what you like.  Being gay and in the service when it was not kosher to be gay I  can honestly say not once in my three years did it ever come to me to make a play for any of my coworkers.  I had to work with these guys do think I would want to be outed or embarrassed by my co workers telling everyone I came on them I was there to do a job.  Besides if you ever had to change clothes in a locker room at a swimming pool or elsewhere how do you know there were not lesbians in the locker room were you fearful  of  being raped?  I doubt it so why would any str8 man be fearful?  Now on that enjoy reading the Bible like any so called Christian should. Good Christians dont judge only G-d can do that 

How ignorant to say, "God doesn't make gays!" Does God make people? Yes, He does. Are gays people? Yes they are. So...what can we deduce here? Yes, I believe we can deduce that God does in fact, make gay people!

Let's hear it for Jane everyone!

You mean the bible that endorses rape, incest, murder, genocide, matricide, infanticide. Tells people the earth is held up by pillars, that eating shell fish and wearing mixed fibers, or planting two seeds in the same hole is punishable with death? 

A book who tells people that snakes and donkeys talk. Virgins have babies, Long hair makes you powerful, water can be turned into wine. That it's ok to beat your slaves, just not to death. That a woman should marry her rapist, and the rapist should pay her father for the privilege.

And that was 2000 years ago,

What kind of sick world you ask.

You been to many stonings lately?  

The narrow minded plastic talking head (TX BIMBO) judges during her 15 mins of fame.....I judge with my TV remote. My plastic remote has super powers! The ability to destroy ignorance with the touch of a button. 

Its funny that the same laws that gave these bitches the right to vote are what theyre basing their views upon. Shut em the fuck up and make em go back to the kitchen. Glad they got their equal rights without lifting a finger. Looks like theyre passing it on.

Who cares what these dumb twats from Dallas thinks in the first place?

"When parents do not have a choice about whether or not they want their children to see this, it is wrong...I don't call it a moment of celebration...It's being pushed in faces. I don't want to see that. I don't want to see bigotry on public display.  I don't want my children thinking its okay to justify your hatred using them as an excuse."

It's almost as if these poor darlings don't have an "off" button or a channel changer to prevent them from seeing what ESPN puts on air! 

Courtney Kerr is awesome. Big network prime time awesome. 

and this ladies and gentleman is why people with half a brain in their heads NEVER want to live in homophobic and hideous Texas.

To be fair, not ALL of Texas is like this, just a lot of it.

The big cities are typically far more accepting than the small town, usually Dallas is pretty good, but the bigot sounds like she is from Midland, which would make sense.

All of Texas is not like that. Those two in the middle actually are only the minority in the state. I am from Texas and am gay myself, and there really isn't an issue with the people of Texas, well most of them anyways.  It's the wealthy in Texas that control the state. That's the problem there. If they actually listen to the citizens then I think that state would be ran better. Just like Rick Perry, most people that live in Dallas do not even like him. 

Don't judge the whole state based on these two airheads...  please...

She should be fired for walking out. 

Rush Lombaugh, Elizabteth Hasselback, Glenn Beck and countless others have been speaking their minds and spewing hate for YEARS. But now because these women have stepped on the twinkle toes of the gays, you're all up in arms and ready to do battle. Sheesh! Take up a worthwhile battle, whiney babies!

Uh scuse me, but we've been fighting back to Limbaugh (not Lombaugh), Elizabeth (not Elizabteth) Hasselback, Glenn Beck and others for years. But I guess you must have missed that.

sex before marriage and homosexual acts are considered the same in the bible. im a gay man so i guess ur in the same line to hell as i am? oh and tattoos are a sin 2 ur bible

Actually, um, it's Elisabeth.

To Amy and Suzie,

The two of you, despite working in media, clearly have no understanding of the legal ramifications of mass media in our country.  Dumb and dumber, you cannot say whatever you want in America.  You can't.  Freedom of Speech is not universally protected.  You are not allowed to shout "Fire!" for instance, in a crowded theater.  Sunshine Laws exist for the sake of open and fair public proceedings.  You cannot use libelous or slanderous language. 

Ladies, you are hypocritical, hateful, jealous women who do nothing for the conservative cause.

Middle white women are on the right, the end tanned women are on the left. Looks like the two middle ladies need to step down for an early retirement for the unamerican/ anti gay comments.

No, but I did throw up in my mouth a little. 

So he kissed his boyfriend and-- oh noes! You had to SEE it!!  Are you blind, now? Did you receive proper medical care? Do you need a Xanax? </sarcasm>

She fell back in horror on her couch and had to be fanned by the nanny.  All the while, per precious kids were watching her antics and are learning from this idiot.  She made such a huge deal out of nothing, and certainly if one of her kids has mixed feelings/emotions, they now know their own mother will NOT be there to help them regarding their sexuality.  ~And the bigotry is passed on to the next generation. Good work, Mommy.  (too bad you decided to procreate before growing a brain)

The lady on the left was awesome. The uptight blonde balloon knot and the ginger troll with he bad dye job were advocates for the perpetuation of ignorance. They might as well said "I miss the days when it was ok to be homophobic and racist in public and you didn't have to worry about people questioning you!" I'm pretty sure there is some slave ownership in their lineage and some old satin sheets with a bunch of holes in them lying around in their linen closet and I'm not talkin' about Halloween costumes.

That old, scowling antique bigot will most likely drop dead in the next year or two, no need to worry about her...but the blonde bimbo - she's raising kids.   I feel so sorry for her children.

.... If it weren't for people like that... it wouldn't BE news....

That bitch feels and behaves in the typical hater's way: she complaints that others don't have the right to do or say what bothers her, but she thinks she has the right to do and say whatever she wants, regardless of other people's feelings about it. Disgusting.


My question is

Why are homophobes coming here on a gay site to post comments?    

I think someone's self-delusional and so far back in the closet they're in Narnia.  


Okay, I have to agree with the conservative anchors on one point. Why did ESPN only focus on the one player? Out of 180+ NFL draftees chosen, ESPN wanted to focus merely Michael Sam and nobody else? All other draftees were obviously chosen for their abilities as a football player, and Michael Sam was no exception to the NFL. But no other athlete gained ESPN's attention being drafted except Michael Sam. If nobody took Michael Sam, ESPN & the world would have been questioning if it was homophobia. I assume ESPN encouraged the kiss by his bf. Someone probably told both of them, if you are accepted, please show your affections with a kiss. Win win for ESPN. 

Don't get me wrong. I am a gay man. I support gay rights & freedoms. Watching two men passionately kiss doesn't bother me the least (and for obvious reasons). But please, do not exploit me or my sexuality to gain ratings or to sell products unless you include us all (heterosexuals, bisexuals & homosexuals alike). I want to be treated equal, not a political freak show. My view, they should have shown other player's reactions live as well, not just Michael Sam's. 

It's news for the same reason the first teacher in space, the first black athlete in professional sports, the first woman to run for political office....IT'S A FIRST!  It's a huge moment in time - and it's very relevant as finally, gay people are starting to get the rights afforded to every other citizen of the United States.  It's to be celebrated!!  The fact that a couple of women in TX got their panties in a wad about it is HILARIOUS!  (and sad for them that they are such simpletons)

But it IS going to be news when the player is openly gay.

There is a live discourse about the fundamental right for gays to marry - this surely is a nod towards that debate?

The amount of airtime to heteronormative relationships needs countering anyway!

This is the first comment that makes any sense at all. Thank you for your insight. 

It was not only news but it was something to be noted in history for the lgbt community.  If it would have not been reported we would have made a fuss about it.  Its better to have it out there than to not have it at all.  You also have to think about the younger generations that are not out.  By seeing things like this in the media yes the bad comments may scare but it also allows for the closeted and uneducated to realize this is what is happening in our world!  The more its seen the more people will deal with it.

And yeah of course they got ratings.  But hey.. if that's what it takes for acceptance and tolerance in this country than so be it!

Just my opinion of course.

It was not only news but it was something to be noted in history for the lgbt community.  If it would have not been reported we would have made a fuss about it.  Its better to have it out there than to not have it at all.  

..."And yeah of course they got ratings.  But hey.. if that's what it takes for acceptance and tolerance in this country than so be it!"

I totally agree. A gay athlete being drafted into an "All-American" sport which is promoted for being masculinely heterosexual was a historic moment for the LGBT community. In the US, Gay Rights is being portrayed as the Gay Agenda to many from the religious & conservative minded. We've somehow adopted the "if you don't agree with us, you're against us" mentality. Even the 1st Amendment rights is being skewed & misinterpreted (as seen here when the one anchor questioned the realms of the amendment). And, considering the political climate in which the US is in, I fear that the 1st Amendment might be altered to protect hatred & ignorance if the right politicians become elected. The political pendulum blade is more sharper & deadlier than before. A lot more might be at stake than just Gay Rights. This is why I suggest we show a more inclusive & equal broadcast rather than center on one gay player. It would have still been the focus of media attention worldwide, but it would also have given ESPN & the LGBT community a bit more respect for being equal & showing that we can be equal if other players were shown too. And, it would have deflated the opinions of our critics by showing how equality is done. 

Just to clarify my opinion a bit more into this debate. :)

Because News.  
It's to create a spectacle of it all. It's new, it's different, it's controversial.  
Anything to get people to give a shit about the NFL Draft and talk about it.

What are you bored, miserable FAGS going to do with yourselves once your day is over?

This whole gay media frenzy can only ride high for so long and we are already seeing the end of this in far sight, as this issue has began a time of anger amongst people of other sexual orientation aside from your own gay one. We are sick of your flamer, loud, moral less behavior.

You are gay?? SO WHAT!! Live your lives in peace and quiet like the rest of us. No, you are not capable of this, as you thrive on DRAMA in your miserable, meaningless lives.

You probably had a big problem with black people and women getting equal rights as well.  Don't worry, little Dobbie...when gay people get all the rights you and I enjoy, your little pathetic life won't change one iota.  You won't be forced to attend a gay wedding, see two gay people kiss (GASP), or have sex with a gay human being.   You will still be able to sit in judgment and spew hatred.   Yes, rest assured, your pathetic little life will keep right on ticking as it has been, meaningless and full of hatred for complete strangers.  I hope you haven't chosen to breed.

Dude, really??? Are you that inbred that you think just because someone is gay that they are feminine?  The majority of gay people are not as you say "Flamers" or "drama queens".  Those are just the ones you notice. Why don't you get outside your trailer and meet some real gay people. You'd be surprised how we are probably more normal than you think. 

They would live their lives in peace if people like you would stop beating the crap out of them whenever you find out one of them is gay or otherwise...

They're being treated as third-class people, spit upon, not given the same rights as everybody else, and yes, even so far as to be killed just because of the way they are.

So, treat them like anybody else you know or grew up with and they'll stop yelling so loud and getting back in your face about it.  Deal?

The lady doth protest too much, methinks.

ya tell those damn women and blacks to shut up too.

What we always do... continue to shine the fuck on! :)

WHO FUCKING CARES! Seriously, so a man kisses his boyfriend on TV. Good for him, it's not that big of a deal. I cannot wait for the day that this isn't news. I'm grateful that it can finally be aired but I'm so tired of it being a big fucking deal. I'm grateful that I can finally marry in the state where I live. I'm grateful that I am protected from being discriminated against. So a man kissed a man on tv. Well I kissed plenty of men on the street. And yes I am a faggot. I call myself that all the time. I'm also a fudgepacker, cocksucker, queen, queer, dicklicker. Now try and call me offensive. I am gay, any derogatory derivation is what I am too. 

Now can we move on to another issue. Like the fact that our climate is changing and the ice caps are melting. Or ya know the fact that this country is corrupted by politicians both democratic and republican?

None of us are asking for any straight approval, although I do have plenty of straight friends who do approve.

We ask that you give us the same respect and dignity that you would give to any other person.

If you disagree with homosexuality, that is fine by us. We are not asking you to change your views. All we ask is to be treated like human beings.

I disagree with straight people getting married 6 times in 10 years but it happens doesn't it? Why is no one making a big deal over this? It obviously says in the Bible that it is wrong, but you simply overlook this "sin".

In the words of Ellen Degenerous "Be kind to one another.....goodbye"

I've been trying to get my head around this and I think I've formed an opinion that no one will read, but hey it'll help make it clearer in my mind. The kiss was shown because it was the first kiss of it's kind - in terms of circumstance i.e. who, what, where. So of course ratings were involved and obviously the publicity is pure gold. However, the fact that some people are saying this is pushed on them and they don't want their children to be exposed implies that they don't want their kids to know about the different types of love in the world and, to me, it shows a great weakness and fear to face reality. These people would rather not see gay interracial couples expressing monogamous affection, because it highlights taboos and current issues that are of no issue to them thanks to their perceived 'straight/white privilege'.

I agree Beau, you said it best. People that find this offensive do not understand, or have a desire to understand or accept, other types of love. It is truly a great weakness and fear on their behalf.

Nice backdrop for a morning show btw. That parking lot is so intriguing.

LOL! So, I'm not the ONLY one who's noticed how awful that backdrop is!! I mean, the entire show is so amateur. Here you are on TV and this is the best set design you can come up with? I know nothing about on-air television to know that that looks terrible and is not acceptable. Someone or some people should be fired.

People should have the right to their own opinions, but if you are in the public eye, keep it to yourself. Otherwise, be willing to face the PUBLIC backlash because... you are a PUBLIC figure. Amy Kushnir on the other hand is obviously fearful her sons or god forbid her husband will turn gay simply by seeing two men kiss on ESPN. Insecure people are often loud. 

"That's it ! I've had it....I'm going to Midland ! " 
Honey you belong in Midland cause you ain't ready for prime time in the BIG CITY !!! 


In time the pendulum will swing the other way. Let the gays have their day. Eventually we will become like Sodom & Gomorrah and our morals and values will go back to what they once were. 

Ezekiel 16.49

"'Now this was the sin of your sister Sodom: She and her daughters were arrogant, overfed and unconcerned; they did not help the poor and needy."

Yep, that's The US alright. Thank you for pointing that out Texas Bull Rider.

I love this.  Thanks for this comment.

But you have to be gay to comment on this site...isn't that discrimination? Or is it racism?...after the gays have their day it will be time to push for Beaseality and Incest rights!

Your 'leap' in logic is hilarious.

Who said you have to be gay to comment on this site? As far as gays having their day, its more like our century or centuries since we have been beaten, tortured and ridiculed for eons!. And our centuries are just starting. Its fine if you dont like it. We aren't trying to make you like it. Not everyone is Christian but we are all equal right citizens and we will get whats legally ours. 

I am not gay, but am a proud mom of a gay son! Golden Rule: "Treat Others as You Would Like Them to Treat You." We are all equal in God's eyes and heart. <3

Who's desk was she under and on her knees for to get a job on tv?Bimbo thinks racism is not agreeing with someone's sexual orientation? What an idiot! It would be discrimination which it's not! If we cant let those who oppose this gay agenda and you're going to attack..well that is being more of bigot than the other way around

Its the way the system is set up. To me its like a great white shark that finally got bashed in the nose with a sledge hammer and complaining that its hurt. Gays have been taking shit for decades with slurs, hate crimes and beatings. But now its main stream and normal. For the ones that oppose it or dont want to see it, close your eyes, or walk on the other side of the street. But keep your comments in your church or to yourself. You have freedom of speech but it doesnt protect you from being fired. 

Homosexuality is perversion, and is no different than the desire to sleep with animals or with your own sister. Once the media is done shoving a gay agenda down the publics throat they will begin to advocate a person right to marry their mother.

I am curious. Have you lived your life completely sin free (according to the bible)?

Yeah, I didn't think so.

So why then are judging others for 1 "sin" when I guarantee you have sinned plenty of times in your own personal life.

Do you see us bashing you for lusting after someone, or eating too much? Yes, Gluttony is considered a sin there sunshine.

Think about all the sin you have committed before you start calling us a perversion.

According to the bible, we are all born of sin, so I guess we are all a perversion unto God.

Love one another" is what God wants us to do. Whatever our differences are!

You're so ignorant!! Straight incest is more common than gay incest!! Straight people are more likely to sleep with animals & be pedophiles.

Your ignorant & hate filled comments are a perversion dickhead!! Go fuck your mom you twat!!

Just like you coming on a gay website enjoyed by gay and gay friendly consumers and shoving your agenda down ours? Hypocrite much? No wait! TROLL MUCH?? Why dont you move out of your mothers basement and get a life you 40 yr old virgin.

I had no idea this was a gay website you faggot. My wife, who's  sexy with tits, told me about this so I watched the video and was going to reply with my opinion because I'm entitled to it. Judge much? You want to be gay, be gay, but don't expect me to agree with it you peace of trash

LOL "judge much?"......... wow I can't stop laughing.

Hold on there Sarah. His wife is sexy with tits so he must know what he is talking about. I mean with tits. I mean she has tits. Only worldly sophisticates have wives with tits. 

I had no idea this was a gay website you faggot. My wife, who's  sexy with tits, told me about this so I watched the video and was going to reply with my opinion because I'm entitled to it. Judge much? You want to be gay, be gay, but don't expect me to agree with it you peace of trash

You're OBVIOUSLY the piece of trash... Bet your wife is banging someone else anyways... Little dick ass wipe!!

HAH HAH HAH! On this page calling me a faggot just gives me power cause its definitly not an insult. Your wife? Riiiiiiight.......    And I never asked you to agree with me you illiterate idiot. Get off this page if your anti-gay. Its really that simple. All your really doing is looking for a fight cause you know that gays are finally winning this fight and it makes you scared, or happy and excited and you dont know how to channel your "in-the-closet" excitment. Go ask your Mom er I mean your "wife"

Amy, as a broadcast journalist your job is to report the news not voice your opnion, guess your not the next Barbara Walters.

They don't like to see men kissing on TV? What's next? They don't want black people buying at the same grocery store? Or they will find it's people's right to say that women should not vote?? It's achievement of human's rights! A black gay man is kissing his partner on TV. It's a huge section of your society no longer hiding. Celebrate, folks!!!!

Would it have bothered anyone if he kissed his girlfriend or wife???   If your answer is anything other than no - then you need to think about what you are saying.....

No I don't. So if he wanted to stick his tongue down his sister throat and push for rights for incest we have to agree? Homosexuality is a filthy fetish, like having a desire to make love to feet 

You're an idiot. Nothing like trolls starting fights online... Get a life loser.


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