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Dallas Morning TV Host Walks Off Set In Protest Of Michael Sam Kiss

The Broadcast's Amy Kushnir might be confused for Elisabeth Hasselbeck after a stunt she pulled on air Wednesday morning. The resistance she faced from the show's co-hosts (including LGBT ally Courtney Kerr) once her ugly anti-gay bigotry was laid on the set's table was too much for the small-minded Kushnir. Looks like the only articulate response she could form to confront reason and humanity was to storm off the set.

Prior to walking off stage, Kushnir said:

"When parents do not have a choice about whether or not they want their children to see this, it is wrong...I don't call it a moment of celebration...It's being pushed in faces. I don't want to see that. I don't want to see cake in your face, kissing each other."

So, TV subject matter that includes murder, rape, adult language, divorce, infidelity and so on is okay with Kusnir for kids' consumption, but a display of love between a gay monogamous couple is OMG EWWW WRONG THINK ABOUT THE CHILDREN I DON'T WANT TO SEE THAT! Mother of the Year award, anyone? 

Watch as the Fox News protégé brings the drama to Dallas morning TV:


UPDATE:  Amy Kushnir will address controversy in national interview guessed it.


You do have the right to kiss anyone but why do you have the right to criticize her for stating what she believes in? For supposedly being proud, why are all the gay communities and gay community supporters on here so closed minded about letting her have her opinion and saying its wrong? Should just let it go..I'm tired of hippocritical people in this country gay or not.

Amy K should not be on television nor have the right to express such an "opinion" and the reason. Why? Is that it is not an opinion. It is hate speech that is based on denying other human beings fundamental civil rights. Civil rights are not baseball tickets that are given to some who happen to be heterosexual and not to others. We are all equal human beings and how dare someone like Amy K try to limit the rights of others. I sometimes feel that while humans have evolved and moved out of prehistoric caves, some like Amy K still live there in their narrow little minds. I recently took a look at some of her family photos of a vacation in Hawaii and while on the surface her and her family look so perfect and angelic, you scratch the surface and they are ugly, hateful bigots who only reserve their kindness for the select few who look and live like them. She should be ashamed of her ignorant and hateful existence. Beyond the perfect clothes and blond hair is an ugly, well-vacationed monster in disguise. Truly sickening. 

OMG - what year was this set in ????   I know Canada has a lot of faults - but 'the kiss' is SUCH a NON issue here.

Canada has same-sex marriage, universal healthcare, a lower crime rate, decent wages, and cleaner cities. What faults does Canada have? Not being snarky here. Genuinely curious.


At the end of the clip, the co-host states, "I'd like to see something fun, motivating, inspiring and uplifting." Watching the sheer joy and elation of having your hard work and dedication pay off with a draft pick - and sharing that with the one you love - qualifies to me.

We do not want to necessarily see this from heterosexuals either and it is forced upon us every day on TV and in the street.

Wow - the women criticizing Michael Sam is so disingenuous - I love the two anchors on the opposite sides of the table :)

Luckily we dont want to see her on tv either. So it works out perfectly. I hope she resigns and is never seen again.

We have been stuck watching straight couples do this over and over again... Wedding receptions! Celebrating your wedding day which depending where we live, most still can't do the same. Shoving cake into each others face and kissing... Like i said, for years we've been suffering through it, now its your turn.

These are the dumbest women, ever.

Suzie needs to get with life its 2014 you dont have the right to say anything about this you are a old bitter women People are sick of your comments

Well maybe we in the gay community don't really want to see straights kiss in public either..... affection has its place. Get over it hunny. It's in the norm now

Bye #itch, dont let the door hit your hatefull @ss on the way out!!!


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