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The Dallas Stars Come Out In Public Opposition Of A Texas Bathroom Bill

Thanks to Texas Governor Greg Abbott, the Texas bathroom bill is still on the docket. While the three attempts so far this year have failed, the Gov. has decided to resurrect it in the special session he started last month.

In response, the Dallas Stars have rejected the bill as a franchise. President Jim Lites has said, “The Dallas Stars stands strongly opposed to any legislation perceived as discriminatory, including proposed bathroom legislation” It is the first sports team to reject the bill publicly. Bob McNair, the Houston Texans owner, and Mark Cuban, Dallas Mavericks owner, have criticized the bill. However, neither team as a whole has come out in public opposition.

Dallas is supposed to hold the NHL draft next year, but many LGBT rights organizations have protested it, especially if the bathroom bill passes. Lite has said that no matter what, Dallas is welcoming of all.

The bathroom bill could also impact the Cowboy’s chance to host the 2018 NFL draft. The NFL and NBA have already said they were watching the state and that the passing of a bathroom bill could impact hosting future events in the city.

While no actions have been made, the threat of losing business in the state has stopped the House Republicans from passing the billing. More and more top business continue to come out in opposition, which should add to the already mounting pressure not to pass a bathroom bill.

In the world of sports where athletes don’t always feel they can come out, or continue to play, it’s great to see a professional sports team take a public stand for LGBT Rights.

H/T: Dallas News