Dan Osborne & His Bulge Steal 'The Expendables 3' Premiere

​UK sensation Dan Osborne certainly knows how to redirect our attention! The stud showed up at the London premiere of The Expendables 3 and made sure no one would miss him!

A lucky fan in attendance tweeted (hint: click on the Twitpics for a closer look):

Dan certainly knows how to keep us interested


(H/T: Attitude)


Generally I like it.


Some people don't know the difference between average and huge.

He does look "expandable" to me!

Looks so painful!

Needs to find himself a better tailor

Moose knuckle, anyone? Lol

You call that a big bulge, PLEASE, my definition of big is very different then your's. Mine is bigger then that.

Hot - you are all jealous. He is gorgeous and so it that bulge.

I agree.   I am drooling!!  

Yeah he's handsome but those pants are not flattering on him.  

what's all this bs about big is not better?? u gals trying to make lil ones feel good about themselves??? big sure is better than small! say m not right...swear on ur nxt bf size :))

I guess if we all wore our pants like that we would a be giving a show! I would have to guess sitting down would not be too comfortable with the seam splitting the boys in half..


I'll take him/it!

Okay guys, as impressive as this sounds and looks let's keep something in perspective here:

1) This could be enhanced for effect. 

2) Just because it's big at rest does not always mean it gets much bigger when at attention. 

3) Bigger does not necessarily mean better. Sadly, this had happened to me on a few occasions. :(

Regardless, Mr. Osbourne is still nice to look at and fantasize about. 

Jolly good show!

Not interested

He's always trying way too hard to get famous tbh. ILL PASS 

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