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Dan Osborne & Tom Daley Leave Us Speechless As They Strip Down For 'Splash' Finale

We're currently at a loss for words so we'll just leave you with this tweet from UK sensation Dan Osborne:

We're gonna need a moment.

Oh, here's video:

We're gonna need another moment.

Dan placed 4th in the competition, but he's definitely the winner for us!

​(From the smile on his face, we think Tom's the real winner in this scenario.)


(H/T: Daily Mail)


How in the world can they keep these or any suits on when they hit the water so hard?

We actually secretly hope that they don't stay on.

Two very hot men!

I ABSOLUTELY must have the white suit!  It would look amazing by the pool at St. Pete Pride this year! Anyone know where I can find it???

Good Luck to them Who cares they are still human even if they did breifly get hot over each other'

that micheal jackson tat makes me throw up 

Michael Jackson?  I thought it was Little Richard.

I like Tom Daley and have since the 2012 Olympics. He has a great way with people, he's lovable, and he's not hard to look at wearing a Speedo. I know he wants a show business career in the future after Rio, but if the UK version is as bad as it is reported to be (the American series was inspired by the British original and we know how bad that was), and we have these photos which look at best silly, can this help his career?

BTW: For those interested, there is another photo floating around in Internet land from last night where it looks like Dan is staring into Tom's eyes and that he's the one a bit excited. Speedos hide nothing which is why you'll never see me wearing one no one's asked me to either!).

I think they are both in on it now. That is not a bad thing!

well tom is happy that the shot already

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