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Dan Savage Has Advice For Homophobic Business Owners

If you thought discrimination against gays in Arizona ended when Gov. Jan Brewer decided to veto that heinous bill, you were wrong. Dan Savage reminds us of the travesty while dispensing advice to homophobic business owners in a new post at the Stranger. 

"Here's a suggestion for all the hatey, butt-sore, anti-gay bakers in Arizona: start an organization—The Arizona Association of Homophobic Bakers—and publicly identify yourselves as homophobic bakers. Put up a website with a list of bakeries that don't want to do business with LGBT people. Put signs in your windows that clearly state that gay and lesbian customers are not welcome and will be turned away. As Anderson Cooper pointed out earlier this week, gays and lesbians are not covered by existing anti-discrimination law in Arizona. So it's perfectly legal right now for bakers—and florists and caterers and photographers—to discriminate against LGBT customers. Discriminating against LGBT people was legal in Arizona before Jan Brewer vetoed the turn-away-the-gays bill, and it remains legal after her veto. So homophobic bakers who identify themselves as haters and bigots run no legal risk. They can't be sued by the individual gay people they discriminate against and the authorities can't fine 'em or shut 'em down. Don't want gay customers? Great. Let us know who you are. Put up a list online, hang signs in your windows, and we will take our business elsewhere."

What do you think about Dan's suggestion to bigots?

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Is there any type of website, app or database that we can use to report and keep tabs on gay friendly and unfriendly businesses? 

Words to live by. I don't want to go anywhere near y'all anyway. Personally, I find your mindset — what's the word I'm looking for? Oh yeah — disgusting. When I picture you breathing all that hate I get nauseated. Please, I don't want to accidentally walk into your shop(s). Please post a sign already. Even in states where it's properly illegal to do so. Please do so. I don't want to have to be bothered being polite and chatty with your hateful selves. PLEASE. Post it outside and save me time, energy and money.

Love it he is so right let us know and we will find better elsewhere

I live in Canada and many business owners here have small rainbow flag stickers in the corner of the front window of their shops letting potential customers know that they are either gay owned and operated or a gay friendly establishment.

I say take that advice 1 step further. Once they identify themselves, everyone should go and order as much business as possible and after these businesses have wasted their time and money, identify yourself as gay or gay-friendly and walk out without paying. 

Works for me. I would hate to find out AFTER I step into their property or park in their parking lot. There should also be an app that shows these businesses, highlighting them on a map with a "land mine" icon. This is just so that their holy religious sensitivity will not be offended with homosexual currency or rainbow credit cards. The horror!!!

Dan is spot on! I joked to fellow workers in my store that my religious beliefs prevent me from serving divorced women but then I'd be out of business!

Here's a good place to start if you want to know what local businesses don't want our dirty sinful gay money...

And a list of local LGBT owned businesses?

I think if they don't start the list, gays should.  We should all know where we aren't wanted, since we don't want to spend our money there.  This may beg the question, "Why fight the law, then?".  Because it isn't fair, it isn't right and it would set a precedent for further discriminitory legislation. 

Reminds me of Nazi Germany.

Sounds like Jim Crow.  Another system to discriminate run by a bunch of bigots.

Why don't we just make it easier for all the homophobes and wear a scarlet "G" or "L" or "B" or "T" on our clothes - or we could have it tattooed on our forearms? 

Even better, why don't businesses that are happy to serve LGBT put up signs saying they're gay friendly and quite happy to deal with anybody, regardless of their sexual orientation.

Then everybody will know to just avoid the businesses that DON'T have gay friendly signs ...

I believe ALL businesses in AZ that are hostile toward gays should post signs in BIG letters that say, "NO GAYS ALLOWED.  WE HATE GAYS.  GOD TOLD US SO!"  That about covers it.  Those AZ citizens who use God to shield their intolerance and hatred are bearing false witness.  Hmm. I wonder of those self-proclaimed religionists who likely NEVER go to church or read the Bible have true awareness of that Holy Book they proclaim to hold up with such sanctimonious esteem?  Likely not.  I never planned to visit AZ anyway, and now I know for certain I won't. Vetoing that bill did nothing.  Those AZ legislators are just as intolerant and hate-filled as they were before the veto.  Frankly, I hope AZ is boycotted by every gay, lesbian and LGBT friendly person living.

I think it will never work because they're all hypocrites anyway. They just don't want to be seen taking gay money - even though they're more than happy to take it. I agree with Dan though - If they're so devout about their religion - shout it from the rooftops. Put a sign on the front window that says - We Don't Serve Gays Here. Don't be shy. Stand by your convictions. 

Yes, please put up a sign, and include in your advertising that u don't serve Gays.

I love Dan Savage. He is raw and real and says what's on his mind. His articulation is off the chain in my view. Business owners should do that. And watch their businesses fail because contrary to popular opinion, gay people have money to spend too.

While I cannot see anyone agreeing to post such a sign, since we're talking about the exchange of money, why would anyone want to do business with someone who hates them? I understand the principle, but wouldn't it be better to give business to thoee who support us, or better yet, may be like us?

I think its awesome.  Let everyone know how hateful and closed minded you can be--and see how business does.  Everyone I know is either gay themselves or has an LGBT son, daughter, friend, coworker, or acquaintance of some kind---and they wouldn't dream of doing business with a hate-values business.  So just let us know who you are, and we'll give you your due.

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