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Daniel Franzese Comes Out In Open Letter To His 'Mean Girls' Character 'Damian'

Mean Girls star Daniel Franzese has officially come out in a clever open letter to "Damian," the gay teen that he played in the hit 2004 film. 

Bent has the full letter, which begins:

Dear Damian

It’s been a long time since our last encounter.  Ten years to be exact.

I was twenty-six; you were sixteen.  You were proud of who you were; I was an insecure actor.  You became an iconic character that people looked up to; I wished I’d had you as a role model when I was younger. I might've been easier to be gay growing up.

You WERE beautiful in every single way and words couldn’t bring you down.

What you may not know…

When I was cast in the role of “Damian” in ‘Mean Girls,’ I was TERRIFIED to play this part.  But this was a natural and true representation of a gay teenager - a character we laughed with instead of at.  (You can thank Tina Fey and Mark Waters for that.  I can only take partial credit.)

When we first made this movie, I’m not sure any of us knew how loved and quoted this movie would become.  You certainly hope when you pour your heart into something, that people will respond - but to paraphrase Gretchen Wieners, “we can’t help it that we’re so popular.”

So, why the hell did it take me so long to come out of the closet?  

Head over to Bent for the rest. 

Congrats, Daniel! You can sit with us! 


Whoot whoot! Another hottie batting for my team. Life just got better!

Congrats Daniel on your coming out.  Live life to the fullest and take it by the balls.

Congratulations, Daniel!

Loved your letter, so clever. You can definitely sit at my table.

Congrats. Papabear from survivor

Life isn't as easy as the movies, even if you're part of them.  Least you're Out now.

I was crushing on him then and even more now!!!

Kudos to you Daniel. Sending you much love and support!

Now, if only we can get your other costar to come out of his glass closet....<cough> Jonathan Bennett<cough> ;)

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