Darren Criss Closes ACS: Versace With A Revealing ~Lewk~


As Gianni Versace once said "I am not interested in the past, except as the road to the future." Except for, the opposite of that right now. The explosive American Crime Story: The Assassination Of Gianni Versace is over, and I'm not ready for it gosh darnit!  

The final episode of Ryan Murphy's American Crime Story: The Assassination Of Gianni Versace aired last week, and while I'm not a big enough person to be ready to move on from the tantalizing, controversial, super de duper gay, and all around unmissable season, I will gladly accept a parting gift from Andrew Cunanan portrayer Criss in the form of these farewell shirtless peeks! 

**SPOILER** the finale episode titled "Alone" finds the infamous gay serial killer just that. After shunning his mother and after a butchered attempt to reconnect with his swindling, criminal father, Cunanan is truly alone in this world. He has just assassinated Versace, and, unable to flee South Beach due to police roadblocks, hides from the authorities in an empty house boat.

Here Cunanan's elation over making national news soon turns to self-pity and contempt for the way he is being portrayed on the televisions he has blasting throughout the house boat. The police are coming, and Andrew takes a long, hard look at what his life has come to. Eating dog food for sustenance and waiting for capture.

But what does one do when he's alone in an empty house, knowing that his final moments are most likely right around the corner? Walk around in only his boxers! If you can get past the Hollywood magic, the episode brings some of the best shots yet of the insanely hot Criss' gorgeous bod, and Murphy ups the ante by featuring him in just his undies. Do I feel good about thinking Criss is sexy in this episode? Frankly, no, but I wrote the post, you clicked on it, so here we are. Check out the pics below!