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Daughter Receives Sentence For Marrying Her Mother!

Daughter Receives Sentence For Marrying Her Mother!

Surprise! Her Mother Previously Married Her Son!

The story you’re about to read is entirely strange and a little stomach turning.

According to WGN, Misty Spann, daughter of Patricia Spann, was arrested for incest after marrying her mother in Oklahoma in September 2016.


The mother, Patricia, lost custody of Misty and her son when they were children. The kids were adopted by their grandmother. Patricia allegedly claims she didn’t believe she was breaking any laws, since she is no longer listed as Misty’s mother on her birth certificate.

It gets weirder. One of Patricia’s other sons claims that she tried being inappropriate with him.


According to court documents, Patricia married her other biological son in 2008. Their marriage was annulled in 2010.

Misty was sentenced to ten years probation. I will be keeping you updated with what happens to Patricia. She – needs – help – immediately. Or to be put in prison. What the hell?! It look as if they are in the matching outfits phase of their relationship, right?!