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Davey Wavey: Straight Boys Are Hot?

Davey Wavey needs some help understanding why gay guys are so into straight guys in his latest vlog. 

Hmmm. We need some help, too. Where do we send our addy?




I agree with those who think Igor may not be straight. He's a little too coifed for that label but that's not to say he is not adorable,and my guess a bit out of Davey's league.

That guy was absolutely gorge! I love Davey, but he's WRONG for that hair cut.

Straight boy are hot? ABSOLUTELY NO! If you are gay, you must look at only gay men. 

If this boy is straight, He doesn't have to be at a gay page.

It's just question of congruence. 

Leave Davey Wavey alone.  He's a lot of fun and uplifting although I hate his new haircut!

That guy doesn't even look straight to me! :D 

Agreed- start by not reading garbage like Instinct anymore.  

I don't even think that guy is actually straight.

This is just tooooo funny!!  i love it, thanks!!  (And yeah i'm gay and i seem to have this annoying habit as well of falling in love with straight boys!)

Please stop giving Davey Wavey press.  Thanks!! :)

Please stop giving Davey Wavey press.  Thanks!! :)

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