David Miller Shows Off Every Inch Of His Body In Red Sparrow


A bird in the hand is worth Miller's bush. Wait, is that right? If you don't like poorly-received movies starring actresses that people aren't particularly into anymore, then you might have skipped out on the Jennifer Lawrence-led spy thriller Red Sparrow. Well shame on you!  Because if you like checking out gorgeous fully nude men, then the flick is truly can't-miss!

Red Sparrow made a splash on the Straight Internet for featuring J Law's most revealing nude scenes to date. This more so than it's plot of a woman who becomes an elite and deadly spy after training with the brutal secret intelligence program - the Sparrow School. Will she be able to successfully navigate a web of lies and deceit or whatever? No one knows, because no one saw the movie. But thankfully many people are seeing the nude scenes starring hotties David Z. Miller and Makar Zaporozhskiy! That's a mouthful.

And speaking of mouthfuls... in one scene Miller strips down in front of a group of people to reveal his Red Sparrow, and in another Zaporozhskiy briefly bares his bird's nest while getting rough in the bathroom! The results are in. This movie gets five inches. I MEAN, five stars!


Head HERE (site NSFW) for the nude scenes