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David Pocock's REVEALING Post-Workout Pic Breaks the Internet!

Although he is straight, Australian rugby Player David Pocock has been one of the LGBT communities strongest allies when it comes to gay marriage becoming legal in his home country and so much more.  Not only that, but he has also spoken up against homophobia, all while being super cute and adorable!

He's even admitted that he won't get married until marriage is officially legal down under, which might be happening sometime soon based on the recent news from the Australian senate. 

The internet melted yesterday when he posted a post-workout photo of himself with the caption "Running done, but still the whitest man in Ota."  That's great and all, but the POV from the photo is simply spectacular and gay Twitter literally went into a frenzy over the angle, view and the overall affect from such a gorgeous ally.

Thanks for your support David!