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David Tutera & Ex Each Take Custody Of One Twin


We're not sure this is the custodial arrangement we would have come up with, but apparently it's the way wedding planner David Tutera (pictured, right) and his ex-husband Ryan Jurica are moving forward. 

The former couple are each taking custody of one of their fraternal twin children

Tutera and Jurica conceived their twins via surrogate using eggs from an anonymous donor. Those eggs were individually fertilized by the two men, so the twins actually have different biological fathers. 

Tutera is taking custody of his biological daughter, Cielo, while Jurica is will be the taking custody of his biological son, Cedric. 

The pair found out their surrogate was expecting six weeks prior to their breakup. They entered a civil union in Vermont in 2003 and became domestic partners in California. 

Their breakup was quite heated with both parents fighting for sole custody and Jurica launching accusations of sex addiction and hiring prostitutes towards Tutera in court documents.

Tutera equates the custody arrangement to mourning "the loss of a second child, but he and Jurica have both expressed interest in keeping the twins in each other's lives. 

Tutera says, "It would be so unfair of me if I were to say Cielo can’t see her brother because of what happened between Ryan and me."

What do you think of this custodial arrangement, Instincters? 


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