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"Dear White Gay Men" Author Defends Story On CNN

Sierra Mannie, the author of a controversial rant against white gays that was published by Time earlier this week, defended her position on CNN today. 

Did she "clarify" things and sell her argument?



I'm sorry, but that's his whiteness kicking in and he can't help self. I'm a gay black man and I agree with the young lady on this matter. You can hide your gayness, that's why it's called being in the closet and it's not insulting.

some people can be so ridiculous sometimes, as if there was intellectual property on "hey gurl!" etc

What people can't really see is that she is a separatist. They are people who thinks having afro centric schools in society is better for black kids, they believe people should treat them in a 'unique' way because of their color and sort of providing a sovereign edge toward their heritage.

What they don't realize that sovereignty has never bring a society together. In fact her mentality is no different than a feminist, a misogynist, a supremacist.

Secondly, not all gay people have embraced 'black woman culture' simultaneously. That's a gruesome stereotypical segregation there itself.  The ones that did, didn't only targeted ' black woman' and started following their culuture. It came mainly from admiring pop culture and divas and goddess of music and entertainment industry. From the legendary Gloria Gaynor, to Whitney to Rihanna and Beyonce; They are divas of our legend, regardless of their color. These gay people have embraced them as much as they embraced Lady gaga, Katy Parry, Kylie Minoge. 

I am sure if this writer goes to any of the black artist listed above to endorse her message, she is going to be very dissapointed.

Does really even need to be an issue? I mean come on. why would anyone want to own a stereotype at all? Isn't that, I don't know, an traditionally offensive thing in the first place? Why not just celebrate the fact that we all pull things from every different culture, and how we use them or how we let them effect our lives just makes us who we are. Good fucking lord, If anything, the REAL issue here is that our "unbiased" media, is choosing to manipulate and dominate what is supposed to be a factual report of news stories, just to steer a debate in a direction that aides his own personal agenda. I mean the guy twisted things around so much that it became more of a "Gays suck because they're still oppressing black women" than the original, "who can take what from someone's culture". Which quite honestly would have made a more interesting story. 

There are only a select few low end gay that try to talk and walk like a black "gurl" and they are trash.

I mean think about this, how many educated, nice looking, white, gay men do you see attempting to act like a black?

I dont know of any.

Why  have a guest on to defend her article and then you barely let her talk? Don just used the whole setup to get out HIS points of frustration.

Alot of Comments I wish I had software that could read them for me I am tired of reading. I am a Gay White Male. I always refered to myself as invisible. People do not know I am gay unless I tell them. No one says I knew that. I've even had some who have argued with others who told them I'm gay. I've known I was gay since I was a young boy. I remember having a Huge Crush on Kevin in the First Two Home Alone Movies. When I got them on VHS I watched them everyday for a Year just so I could see him just so I could Hear his Voice. It sucks going through 34 years of life and never being on a date. everyone says use dating websites. They don't work for everyone.

Personally, I do not understand why there has to be an action that should be labeled as a black woman action.  Not all black women act a certain way just as not all gay men act a certain way.  This type of BS what is causing the continued discrimination in American society.  STOP separating the races just to make a political point!  It's time that everyone start doing things for themselves, stop accusing others of taking things from them and just move the F^€k forward!!!!

Perhaps its time for gays to stop appropriating female mannerisms etc. Its a bit passe' at this point. You know how you have loads of gay men talkin Like a uppity older woman when they are only 18 and from a little town in middle america.

I think the bigger issue is heterosexual females appropriating gay culture while remaining a pseudo homophobE fag hag. This country has a wide range of influences so its hard not to appropriate any and everything. With that said appropriating a culture and looking down on that said culture you take from is oxy moronic.

Culture is ALL stolen.  Nobody gets to invent a brand spankin new culture.  We adopt and adapt.  There is a big difference between "blackface" entertainment (which was WHITE culture, as I recall, not black) and incorporating cool language/body movements/music/whatever into your own repertiore.

Isn't Beyoncé's weave white girl hair?

It's most likely Brazilian or Peruvian.

Hey girl! There are consequences to appropriating the coolness of other folks. Live with it and think about the fact that this is not just about you and your mannerisms and talk or who is more oppressed. Listen up! As difficult as that may be to focus on others.

That's super offensive to suggest we can hide our "homosexuality". That's sick and sad...

This whole thing is ridiculous....  Culture takes many different forms and really has more to do with where you grew up, how you were raised and experiences you go through. Also once you hit a certain age you identify with others who understand you and the experiences you have experienced .  Yes even though I was raised in a white suburb I went to school in a public racially mixed school. My family was poor and I did not get to do all the things that "typical stereotypical white families" got to do. Whatever that is. I am gay, growing up i knew this... and bc i was an "OUTSIDER" i flocked to whom ever i could that would except me or to whomever i fit in with.  All my life my best friends were of color. Whether that was bc financial stature or whatever.. "minorities" stick together for the most part.  I picked up the "Black female culture" that way bc of my friends. It isn't a mocking behavior or something i can drop and go back to when i feel like it. The same with my sexual orientation.  I understand your skin never goes away, but who i am doesn't either. Just like your skin, that can not be taken from me.  Its just part of me. Being a gay male and growing up gay, i felt more comfortable in the company of women verses men since it was always men who tormented or made fun of me. Again Black women were my go too.  I was accepted and treated like a NORMAL PERSON.  How is that a bad thing?  Why cant a white gay male appreciate black women? It should be flattering that a group of people want to be like you or recognize similarities with you.  Stereotypes will always be stereotypes and people will always act and perform a certain way for attention or what have you to feel comfortable, but it doesnt mean it should be personally degrading.  Again everyone's experiences are completely different, but i personally feel, from the things i went through in my life, I can relate to the "black woman culture." Where i grew up, who i called my friends, how i learned about myself and overall from where it took me in life were part of this experience that i related too.  Black women are my idols, favorite people.  I am sorry someone else may have had a bad experience or think white gay males are "stealing" their culture....  I grew up as a minority and was treated with disrespect bc i was different, that forced me to grow up faster just the same a black individual in a similar situation.  We became friends and we adopted one anothers backgrounds, stereotypes, mannerisms, ideas, lifestyles, and so on... thats why america  is the best place to live bc its SOOO diverse.  We can form our own lives... dont take it personal just get out there and experience your own life!

Very well said and I agree with you 100%! Thanks for sharing your experience!

Well said!!! Thank you for saving my texting thumbs. :) This woman apparently does not think to deeply. Her argument (if you want to call it that) was piss poor. She should take a couple classes in logic and LEAST. Thanks again.

I don't think anyone could've said it better. You and so many others who are out of "the norm" perpetuate the diversity within America.

Can't we all just get along.

Huh, I guess the gay men and women who were/are violently attacked/murdered just forgot to "turn their gayness" off! You know, we can just turn it off, unlike the color of your skin.

Boo to Don Lemon for not raising this issue.

You don't have to be effeminate to be attacked for being gay.

Don Lemmon was the ONLY clear voice in this. 

Ok for those of you that don't know, the anchor is probably the best person out of the three to talk about this issue, Don Lemon is an open, gay man of color. He isn't just some "anchor-twat." The nelly queen on the left is acting offended as if people are being insensitive to his being insensitive. Hypocrisy. No one is forcing people to stop putting on particular airs, but if someone from a group that you don't belong to says that it makes them uncomfortable, then let them voice their opinion. 

This woman sounds very immature. This gay dude isn't very well spoken either. But really, it's a certain low-rent gay that attempts to adopt female black mannerisms. She is welcome to keep her culture go herself. 

First of all angry black women imitation is the highest form of flattery so get over it. Secondly having known no black women as a young Gay man, I picked up my "black woman" mannerism from, what, girl, black Gay men! (Honey!) So, since we're walling off cultures here, I will now find it highly offensive if a black person plays a historically white role in a Shakespearian play. And, girl, don't you let me catch you listening to that Mozart! 

I believe, as a gay white male, that she is annoyed with the fact that gay white men are "adopting her culture" when they "have no right to" when in reality it's just some gay men are campy. And I also believe she thinks shes a little better than gay men... Also the guy who wrote the articles counterpoint is interesting but not really the countering her point.

Wow CNN just totally missed her point.  Her point is she don't want to associate with nelly gay men and she thinks they are below her socially.  That dude should have called her out on that.

Don Lemmon is an asshole

Wow. Just, wow. Someone is trying really hard to make something out of nothing. As a gay man, I haven't ever had any interest in emulating the mannerisms of black women. It's foolish enough when they do it. 

Bravo!! Love this remark!

I can not help but wonder what she would say if a Gay Black Man did these things...

I know a lot of gay black men that talk like that, and that's why i have a lot of white, Hispanic and Asian friends that talk the that why, because they hang around feminine black men, and I know more black girls that like when we talk that way then don't.

Oh, here we go again: the blacks saying they've invented everything including the Bounce laundry sheet. To tell the Truth and shame the Devil, she's nothing to look at and needs a major makeover to get her up to average viewing standards. You mad, Sis? Take an old cold 'tater & wait. Y'ain't all that & a bag o'chips, Ta-Tanisha!

I agree it's hard to watch, but let's be honest. It's fashionable to say anyone who raises the specter and topic of race is being racist and undermining the idea of equality in society. You usually hear white people say this and it has the effect of trying to control people's narrative of their own cultural experiences, as to say, "Shut up. Don't talk about that. You're making things worse. You should be glad you have this much." When you think about it it's reprehensible and disingenuous considering these people are fully aware of the privilege they enjoy in American society. White privilege, by the way, is a fact and is not remotely controversial. I don't think they're being sinister about it but it boils down to two things. One, they have the luxury of dealing with race as a purely academic topic and are unaware/unsympathetic to the day to day experiences of people of color. Two, on some level people of color as seen as "other". They're really not seen as normal, regular people but are exoticized and fetishized, almost like an animal at the zoo. The first thing that's looked for is often displays of stereotypical behavior as though they're expected to perform and satisfy the basis for their otherness and categorization in the first place.  

It may be embarrassing, but when people try to deny it, or go into this hoopla about how race shouldn't matter, or weigh in on their own experiences of being white and male and discriminated against eyes begin to roll. These are, in fact, excuses so people can justify their behavior and keep on doing what they want to do. It's also the height of arrogance in that they're NOT LISTENING to the grievance of the person of color. It's another example of how people of color aren't allowed to be credible in American society, even when it comes to their understanding of their own cultural experiences. I mean, after all, everyone should be equal, right? You're making it worse by bringing up race. Shut up. Be quiet. Let me enjoy my privilege, and usurp certain aspects of your identity while I'm complicit in a society that doesn't see you as a whole person.

Wow. This is exactly what I've been trying to express for years. I couldn't have said it any better myself.

WTF IS WITH THAT ANCHOR?!? He did her "defending" for her! ....Infuriating to watch.

this BITCH IS GENERALIZING, she must shut the fuck up, its like saying all black people eat watermelon and work in cotton fields, gay is a culture made up of MANY MANY different genres of gay all sorts. like most many cultural groups. This is so beyond irrelevant...has she even left the USA and seen the world and its diversity? Has she done 'clinical studies' ...where is BIANCO DEL RIO? to blow this bitch down along with the the interviewer?


I really don't give a shit what she has to say. That's her opinion and we all have one. The only problem I have is where it comes off that all "white gay men" act like this because that's the not the truth. I was raised to speak like an adult. I don't run around with other "queens" carrying on conversations where every sentence begins with the word "girl" or "no shade." None of those terms mean anything to me. Honestly, I find people like that rather annoying and that's the LAST thing I would want to be. Sorry, but it's the truth.

I'm so ill of people being "sorry" with their online posts and on their profile descriptions. Grow a fucking pair and mean what you say with no regrets!

I have a high respect and love for "black* women and it's not based on their skin color. It's based off the attitude and pride that most African-American women convey. African-American women are very proud and loud individuals that really acknowledge and utilize the rights that we as American people have. I am soooooo NOT sorry that I have thrown out a "Hey Girl!!" or have used any other "Black woman" term and/or behavior in my life! I respect the bold and outstanding individuals that have turned this country from being a conservative shit-hole into a tolerable place. I know that I have exclusively addressed African-American women in my comment and I am not sorry about that either, seeing as how the publisher of this hate towards our "copy cat" persona happens to be an African-American.

Calm Down Beyoncé.

I don't know why people take everything so damn seriously.

Gurl, Take it Easy.

Because if it said "Dear Black Women" you would be screaming racism.

Uhm for one, host is a twat. He needs to shut the fuck up and let the two parties say what they need to say without him interrupting. Two, she's an idiot. Every single culture of people have some people within those cultures who relate to and adopt aspects of other cultures. Doesn't matter the race, gender, religious background, or sexual orientation. Three, "ooooh guuuurl" and "twerking" are not an acceptable defenses in her case and it seems like she pulling nonsense out of her ass to make a point that actually doesn't exist. Four her "culture" isn't "oooh guuurls" and "snappy fingers" and "twerking like hoes." That's an embarrasment to the actual culture of her ancestors who worked hard to overcome oppression and slavery to be hard working, society contributing, law abiding, EQUAL citzens. That shit that makes her "culture" look like trash. Every culture has there own trashy people, but common that's not something to use as in an argument such as this...
So no, she didn't make any clarification to her article and it sounds like a biased agenda on her part. She probably had one bad experience with a white gay male and took it to the extreme.

That's the kind of shit that***

Now.  As a Black Gay Man.  I find this article that the woman wrote quite refreshing due to the racism within the gay culture.  Now I think white gay men in some situations do not know how to react amongst black women so they would do a stereotypical approach when interacting with black women.  White folks need to learn that some stuff that might come out of their mouths and the sense of tone behind it can sound offensive such as saying "what" and sometimes using the n word.  It's just offensive.    And I think that the response to the student article should make people want to re-think their privalage and try to consider to make the world a better place.   

And I think that where you may find most white gays being stereotypically would be at a campy gay pride event.    

And I do heat from a lot of women sometimes feeling uncomfortable going into gay bars due to sometimes obnoxiousness gay men.  A lot of some women have felt sexual harassed.   So it is important that white gay men look at their sense of privalage.     

But.  I have also heard of gay men experiencing "shade" or microaggresions from women.     

So let me get this straight (or gay as the case may be). I as a gay man am supposed to feel guilty for a black woman feeling uncomfortable in a gay bar? When you know full well that if a gay white guy were to walk into a bar in Compton, there is a good chance that he may not leave that bar with all of his teeth? Freedom of choice is one of the greatest gifts that we, as Americans, have in this country. You can be damn sure if I walked into a predominantly black straight bar I wouldn't sashaying around snapping my fingers and dropping the "n" word with every twerk I did. The only way anyone EVER survives in life is by adapting. If African American women want to come into a gay bar, so be it. But if you complain about the atmosphere or the subculture as a whole while there, the only person to blame is themselves. And since when do gays sexually harass women? Ludacris (yes the word not the rapper. Wouldn't want you to think I am infringing on the black artists). Fact of the matter is this. The fact that we are able to express our feelings on this issue is an amazing thing. If everyone had the same views, beliefs, backgrounds, agendas, ideas, and values...This world would be insanely boring. My opinion? Anyone that bitches about me infringing on their rights when I cannot legally marry my boyfriend or adopt a child or have my partner visit me in the hospital on my deathbed needs to take a good hard look at their lives and realize how many more rights they have than me and how the ignorance of their words hurt the true "less fortunate" people in this world.

Okay so than all black females should stop trying to act like white females.

No problem here.  I want nothing to do with your ugly, degenerate slave culture.

Woahhhhhh nonono no. Stop.

Absolutely ridiculous. Is this black woman kidding me?  What about the black women trying to play white with their blonde hair, weaves, extensions, etc.? If I wanted to emulate the stereotypical, black woman, I'd get knocked up and wait for the check.

I laughed a lot ummmm priceless!!

You see how ignorant you are. If someone said they wanted to get swish and twist and catch AIDS to emulate gay culture you'd have an issue. You must be from the south.

Using "Hey girl" as the only piece of evidence of white gay men of taking black women culture is ridiculous. I know all types of people(yes even straight males) who use that term. And twerking? Miley Cyrus did make twerking big. But look where she did it? The VMA's millions and millions of people watch that. Of course that will make something big or popular. The host was being an ass. He took everything the girl said to heart. But it seemed it took everything the guy said and blow it off. They both have good points but seriously? Hey girl! 

She's got an excellent, if poorly articulated, point. There's a legacy of whites fetishizing blacks and seeing them as the entertainment. There's a fascination with plucking out and being wildly enthralled by black stereotypical mannerisms which leaves little room to have an appreciation for the actual person. It's ok to enjoy blackness but it has to be taken into context. At the end of the day these white men can go about their lives and enjoy the societal advantages of male and white privilege. This "channeling (my) inner black girl" that some white gay males find entertaining is really another form of "dance n*****, dance" mixed in with blackface. 

I've known gay white males who claimed to have a strong connection and identification with black women. There's nothing wrong with that. They also had enough sense to ask questions so they can explore the connection respectfully and responsibly, aware that black women are routinely dehumanized and disrespected disproportionately. There's also the issue of gay white men wanting to mascot around black women while simultaneously being afraid (at least publicly) of black men. The dynamic leaves a bad taste in her mouth, and I find it to be a valid viewpoint.

Your argument is mediocre, at best. First and foremost, "these white men" that are emulating (not making fun of) black women enjoy the societal advantages of male and white privilege?  Lets make a couple things clear.  The facts:  only 19 of the 50 states allow same sex marriage (pretty sure all of them allow black women to marry), Gay adoption is only allowed 100% of the time in 16 states while 32 states are on a case by case basis (black women....allowed in every state). And as a worker in the healthcare field I cannot begin to tell you how unfair the laws are that will not allow loving committed couples to be in the room after a tragic and catastrophic event.  I feel so privileged as a gay white male.  Now on to the things that are plain as day to people who are willing to notice.  Majority of the gay males who emulate black women are more effeminate.  It's not a bad thing by any means; however, it's the truth.  Do these effeminate males really have all the privileges you are referring to?  If you refuse service to a black woman, you will have a civil suit slapped on your ass so fast it will make your head spin.  However, in some states it is completely legal to discriminate against homosexuals and refuse them service (ANY service...gas, food, money, housing, etc.). Again I am just basking in all the privileges I receive as a gay white male.  And speaking of white, why the hell was this piece directed at the white gay male?  The fact that it targeted the caucasian gay man is exactly what makes this piece racist.  It is apparently ok for the gay black male to imitate black women.  Why is this different?  They are men with dicks and yet receive no backlash.  African Americans went through many a struggle in order to be able to have every single right that is afforded them today.  If roles were reversed and I wrote this article and it said something to the effect of, "black women should stop emulating strong white women by speaking eloquently and getting educated,"  the racial uproar from the black community would be atrocious.  Reverend Al Sharpton would be on every news station in America.  And this is my last thought.  You say that "gay white men mascot around black women while simultaneously being afraid of black men."  Do you know what a mascot is? It is a person or thing that is supposed to bring good luck.  It is a positive thing, not a negative one.  I love my black girl friends because of how they act.  LOVE THEM!!!! I love my queeny friends too for the same reason.  And if your reason for thinking gay guys are afraid of black men (in public or otherwise), maybe thats because only the black women have taken steps to get to know us as people and friends while the black man sits on the bench and belittles us.  We aren't afraid of them, we just don't want to waste our time on people that have no interest in getting to know us as people. 

Thank you for leaving the first intelligent comment in here.  It (for the first time) allowed me to feel empathy for black women.  On the other hand, I think that the mixing of culture is good, gay-straight-white-black 

Gay mind find it empowering and by mimicking black women's mannerisms it is a show of admiration, and should be flattering. However I know that some take it too far and become offensive and intimidating. 

I'm tired of the race issues already! I'm a white, gay man who also happens to be the father of mixed kids. For writing this article you should be kicked out of school. You are just perpetuating the issue of race and refusing to embrace that in the near future, races will be further blended. If you want to blame "gay" men for stealing your culture, try actually understanding your culture. You need a lesson in class, and my 12 yr old, African American son can teach it to you. 

this isn't even the whole interview ... it's stupid and ignorant to base anything off of this video .. it tells me nothing.

Another wedge between blacks and gay white people--just what the heterosexual, white homophobes and racists want.

As a gay white man, I cant stand when white guys (gay or straight) act like a black woman, or even a black man, I think it is a disservice to the gay community and it does portray a type of stereotypical racism against black women.


This bitch has some serious issues like internalized racism and homophobia that need to be dealt does this host. Now apparently you can hide your gayness....I'M SORRY COME AGAIN?! Love how the host explains all of this and the actual idiot who started it is left rolling her eyes off to the side.

how is this a story?  seriously?

I was with my friend on a very full bus in a culturally diverse part of Boston. He lost his footing and stepped on a young black woman's foot. She immediately got all in his face with the tone both these individuals are referring to, "You need to WATCH where you are STEPPING", she said with that unmistakable tone. To which my friend replied,as he took off his sunglasses revealing his blind, disfigured left eye, "I am so sorry, I am blind on the left side and didn't see you." She dropped all the pretense, all the attitude and in the calmest voice that could have been mistaken for a Wellesley College co-ed, she replied with all sincerity, "I am so sorry Sir." My point is simply, there's is a lot of posturing and silliness and perhaps its time for folks to just act civilly toward one another and drop all this GIRRRRLL BS.

She didn't clarify anything, the host was trying to do it.

If this woman thinks that "Twerking" and "Hey, girl" are the things dearest to the black culture and should be protected from White Gay Men... She's not the solution, she's the problem.

Excuse me but us gays appropriate hot black women not basic low-rent bitches like you.  What a heifer.

I don't think gay men have 6 children by 4 different men and become crack whores on assistance.

Gurl, those ghetto bitches totally came for us. #ratchet-ass

Time to be creative, white-bleak-gay bitches.

Can you do it, or are you just gonna copy another culture

So I guess since black women started twerking and white culture is trying to steal that behavior, black woman are stealing the white gay behavior of getting a college education.

How Stupid!

This is what a host does. He did it beautifully.

This is girl is spot on!!


I mean what person isnt black for 4:53 seconds during En Vouge's 'Free your mind.'

gay men look up to black people, and black women, for being pioneers in the fight for civil rights. Take it as flatter. 


Ok, so we can't say "hey, girl" anymore because it diminishes America's black female culture? What culture are we talking about here? One based on street slang and conversation, or the culture that actually leaves a mark on society through art, contribution to society and taking right actions?
Also, I'm sorry, but due to the stereotypes created by a straight-male society, gay men ARE singled out for being gay due to their style, voice, hair, shoes, mannerisms, and so on, so the theory that we can hide our sexuality is stupid. 
Her comments were selfish and uncalled for. If you want to be remembered for something, DO something with yourself, girl.

This is by far the best comment I've seen. As a black women I would not consider saying hey girl and tweaking as part of black culture. And in all fairness she did sound like a Caucasian female which makes her point invalid. I wouldn't consider using slang or dancing vulgar to be considered apart of black culture. What I haven't seen anyone point out is that she is singling out only white gay males. So it's okay if a black gay male approaches you with a hey girl as opposed to a white one. I thought we where supposed to be moving past racism, but you are upset because a white gay male says hey girl. I find her insulting and embarrassing to the black community. She should focus on bigger and more important issues than a white gay male walking up to her saying hey girl.

Great comment, you have hit the nail on the head.  Thanks!

This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen. 

What exactly did she clarify?  Of a ~6 minute clip, the host was talking for almost five minutes of it?

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