Debra Messing Overcome With Emotion During Hollywood Walk Of Fame Star Dedication

Riding high on the success of the Will & Grace revival, show star Debra Messing had something monumental to celebrate...her new star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame!

The 49-year-old actress was overcome with emotion during the star dedication ceremony, on Friday.

She told ET:

"[I] never [dreamed this could happen].

"I grew up next to a farm in Rhode Island. My big dream was to be a working actress and ultimately to do Broadway in New York City." 

"I've fulfilled all of my dreams, and today... it's going to take me a long time to process this," she explained. "It's so, so beautiful." 

Said her friend, actress Mariska Hargitay:

"What a bright, precious, important, beautiful, loyal, multifaceted, enduring light that you have been -- and you are -- in my life and lives of so many people. I think that's why we like stars so much. They're always there. They're faithful, they're true. They're forever," she said, prompting Messing (who could barely get through her own speech) to wipe away tears. "We love you. I'll speak for everyone."

Messing, clearly thrilled to be filming Will & Grace once again, said the show's humor has been therapeutic for her.

"I know that I need to laugh right now. The last year's been a difficult one, and I can tell you that every day, when I go to work, we laugh out loud -- belly laughing -- I feel healed, and I'm just so excited now that people are able to watch.

"We're finally on the air and people can watch it and enjoy it and we're hearing from all the fans that they're laughing."

"That's really our only goal, to make them happy."


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