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Delaware Prosecutor Charged w/ Rape Of Boy He Met On Grindr


It looks like Delaware law enforcement will soon be prosecuting one of their own.

Delaware Deputy Attorney General Daniel Simmons, a prosecutor for the state's Attorney General's office, has been charged with the rape of a 16-year-old boy he met through Grindr. 

According to The New York Daily News:

Daniel Simmons was charged Friday after a month long investigation into the alleged attacks, which were said to have been carried out earlier this year.

The 34-year-old, a deputy attorney general assigned to the New Castle County Misdemeanor Trial Unit, was charged with four counts of fourth-degree rape.

An AG's office statement said Simmons has been placed on administrative leave. Simmons and the boy allegedly met on the gay dating app Grindr.

Simmons and the boy allegedly met on the gay dating app Grindr. "These charges are serious and will be addressed through the criminal justice system," agency spokesman Jason Miller told the News Journal.

The report doesn't reveal whether Simmons claims to have known the boy's age, though as a criminal prosecutor it would have served him to be vigilant. 

Joe.My.God. notes:

"According to Delaware law, among the conditions for a fourth-degree rape charge is when the victim is under 18, the perpetrator is over 30, and the two are not married. Class C felonies are punishable in Delaware by up to 15 years in prison."

What's your reaction to the case, Instincters?


I'm gonna be honest, when i was 16, all i thought about was SEX. And i wanted an older guy to fuck me good and hard (i still do). This case is ridic. 

and i was classmates with that prosecutor years ago, too bad i didn't know he was such a great top. 

Was that tight boy butt worth it? Bet you got a hunk a shit on the end a your cock.

I think these laws need to be a little reformed and relaxed. There are a lot of sexually curious teenagers on apps and social media and sometimes they get lucky and its a great experience for them no harm done. Sometimes, not, they will meet the wrong person who is angry at the world for their disease and will harm the kid. So we need to keep these laws to protect our kids, but when the kid is nearing 18, wanted it, and it was a mutual thing with no harm done then perhaps any prison time on a first offense is outrageous. 

it is getting bad when you got to ID plus Test for any thing and set a date up for a couple weeks to get the results but i really think it becomes a time you can look at a sixteen year olds face and know there a baby still im not saying he was right on a sex sight at 16 you assume he agreed he was 18+ i think on these kinds of rape you need to look at every angle.

According to another news source, the prosecutor who has been charged actually arranged a date with a college student. The college student had a "friend" who joined them who was the underage young man. He apparently spoke about the incident at school where authorities had to report it.

This could change things to some degree, probation or a lighter sentence if found guilty, but the accused's career is over.  The college student could face charges as welll, though it may be considered a "Romeo and Juliet" situation, or in this case a Romeo/Romeo Juliet/Juliet situation.

Perhaps the question in these cases of minors should be if the MINORS are to be so by legal definition... Then why are the parent(s) of these MINORS being held legally negligent??? I would also think that Grindr has some legal responsibility for allowing a minor to breech the 18+ requirements... The gentleman in question had to of known... How could you not... is impossible for any of us to know the full extent of the situation at this point... This 16 year old should be facing charges of his own... If we wish to continue stating that 17 and under are minors and legally enforcing that... Then we need to enforce punishment on those minors who violate the minority laws and actively put themselves into 18+ scenarios... It goes both ways evenly legally... and Yes and Parent of a minor should be held liable for the safety and actions of THEIR MINOR... 

I thought Grindr was an app for +18 year olds.  Also if it were a 16 year old girl it would ask the same.  These kids try to get sex any way they can.  Gender doesn't matter so I wouldn't vilify this guy without blaming the boy as well.  That 16 y/o "boy" knew what he wanted and when he couldn't get it anymore or he got caught he claimed rape

I agree with those who are not blaming the victim and those who believe a sixteen year old is mature enough have not met too many sixteen year olds. And don't talk about when you were their age unless you're within a few years of his age. Times are different today than they were when we were sixteen. It's not a matter of invading one's private life. Also, if this guy met a sixteen year old girl, we wouldn't even have this discussion. And most importanty, he's paid to uphold the law.

Now my guess is the man may not have known the kid's age and the kid hid it well, had a fake ID, which is why he has not been charged with more serious charges. He may also have broken the relationship off when he discovered his age or parents may have discovered what was happening. I do feel sorry for the guy and that's not unreasonable, but don't vilify the kid and don't suggest ending age of consent laws. It's tthe law and if you know high school age kids, thelaws  make sense.

Four counts? So the boy kept coming back again and again and again....

Also, the Attorney General there has an HPV infection you can see in his face.

Can You Please Explain The HPV  Infection on or on his face?      I am very interested to find out how you can tell by his face.

Don't blame the adult, blame the 16 year  old trying to pretend to be an adult. I was getting screwed when I was young by 50+ year olds and never had any problems. I doubt there was any problem between those two, maybe a disagreement because the man wouldn't screw him anymore.

How many times can they say "dating app Grindr"

Boi got his ass ripped. I hope he got HPV.

No doubt, this guy has an infection. You can see it in his face.

Society needs to stop creating victims. As soon as I started puberty, I knew what I wanted. This stupidity will ruin two people's lives. Maybe if teenagers felt comfortable being openly gay, they could date their school mates.

If he wasn't after Sex, why was the kid on Grindr?

If i meant someone on Grindr and he looked over the legal age, I wouldn't ask for id.

The kid is also to blame.

No matter the circumstances, this guy should have known to actually verify the boys age. No matter what any of you think, this guy is in the wrong, a child CANNOT consent to sex, they are a CHILD in the eyes of the law.

Hey RJ,  No matter if you are Single or Married.   Did you always ID every person that you have had sex with?   No Matter If it was a Date or Just A One Night Stand That you picked up at the Bar or Club.  If The Person had a fake ID and got into the Bar/Club You would think they they are at least 18-21 depending on your state laws.   I really do not think you have done a background checks on every person you have had sex with.

If you are old enough to hook up on any website or otherwise, and you are actively seeking it, you should be open game.

Funny how you're all going after the kid. Rape isn't a joke. That kid might well have agreed to the terms and conditions on Grindr, but since they don't moderate like they should, perhaps you should blame them as well. Nobody has any idea what the circumstances were, and for all we know the kid could have been honest about his age. Regardless of the circumstances if he forced himself on that kid, then he deserves to be punished. Sure, you might understand how to drive a car, fire a gun or have sex, but that does not mean that you're emotionally prepared for this things. Nobody deserves to be raped.

I am sure he didn't force the is called rape because the kid was 16 at the time. Like the female teacher that "rapes" her 16yo student 20 times.........

First I am totally against someone who obviously cannot tell the difference of an teenager? True kids now-a-days look very much too older than they should. That's the parents fault for not watching over their own kids the way the should!

Second, the kid is in the "wrong" for going onto the site and accepting that he is of "LEGAL AGE"! Sure two wrongs don't make a right. But I hope the boys parents will be charged with "Lack of Parental Guidance"

I don't agree with people dating underage especially if they know it. But todays kids do look older with no fault of their own. My cousin is 14 years old size 15 shoe and well over 6 feet tall he looks older than me. But if you're on a site for 18 and up then you expect them to be 18 and up. Some of that fault has to lie with the one who lied to be on social sites for 18 and up. If he knew it yes he should be punished. But can you blame the kids we have older adults lying about their age saying they are younger to get younger people.

Usually The  In these case the parent finds out  and get angry !

I was having sexy at 15-16 too I always lied  said I was 18 I had fake ID too  and I went to Bars In Cleveland  and I hooked up with men as old as 35   It wasn't till meet someone i like 32  and I started sleeping with him regularly that a parent picked the phone up  and over heard a conversation and  then  looked on the call id later and called him afterward and asked how old he was told then told him I was 16 and he freaked out,  when I called  the next day and he said stop calling here you lied  your not 18 and told me what my parent had  done I was  busted.  This happen all the time !

thirsty bottom lying about his age.

I am from Puerto Rico and age of consent is 14

The Penal Code of Puerto Rico was changed in 2004, the legal age of consent is 16 not 14.

The US Feds forced the raising of the age of consent in all states and USA territories, Puerto Rico and West Virginia included.

I live in South Africa. Age of consent is 17, and liquor alcohol 18 up. Other countries the age lower than this. Guys grow up! In our modern age of smart technology, apps and social network ANY INDIVIDUAL knows precisely what he is doing. That 16 year old kid was in the wrong, He enjoyed the sex. The fact that the man is a prosecutor makes no difference. Yea he could ask for an ID, but get real, have any of you asked a guy/girl for an ID before kissing smooching, = passion killer. I am astounded to see the immaturity of the general remarks above. 

I agree. The kid misrepresented himself from the very beginning. If you have to be at least 18 to even BE on the app then rational thinking would say that every person on the site is of age. 

If he said he was 18, and he looked like he could be 18, you should have ID'd him. That is why they make IDs. No ID, no sex. Because he is a prosecutor, very little sympathy is out there for him. What exactly is so "ridiculous" about asking for someone for ID. So IDs are made to be kept inside a wallet to never see the light of day. I see. ROTE

Our justice system is very odd, if the kid ( 16 ) committed a crime they would charge as an adult, yet he can't have sex? I admit the older guy should have seen the proof, I'm sure he looked young. But this is often a double standard. 

The kid wasn't old enough to consent. Simple as that. A CHILD (who is not legally an adult or fully mature) cannot be held at fault for making an IMMATURE decision by downloading an ADULT app. The fact some of you are grasping at straws to defend a child-abusing, rapist is sickening.

That is not quite correct! We teach our children right from wrong at a very early age and what consequences will take place with doing something wrong! This child knew exactly what he was doing because he went back multiple times! The prosecutor (of all people) should have been much more cautious then he was! With that being said, he should be accountable at a much higher standard then the general public. Grinr, however, should also be held accountable as well for allowing the teenager to access the app as well. The parents should also be held accountable because at the age of 16 parents should be knowing where their children are at all times! My husband and I can tell you at any given moment where our our children are!  

What most of the the comments preceeding me seem to be forgetting is that the law is the law.

It's not a matter of whether or not the minor wanted to have sex with the accused. The fact is that the law explicitly prohibits sex with minors and classifies such an act as rape. As a prosecutor, the accused should be well aware of this fact, and acted accordingly.

A reasonable expectation of age is nonexistent on the internet, and by extension, social applications. Grindr doesn't require any age verification stronger than the honor system in order to use it.

You can complain that age of consent is ridiculous, but your opinion isn't changing the law. Most of these laws are written such that the minor is never going to be considered the guilty party.

Excuse Me,  When I signed up for Grindr I entered in My Birth Date and I Also  needed  to have a Credit Card #   Just In Case I wanted To Upgrade.  So How Did this 16 year old get his hand on a Credit Card With His Name On It?    

Since to legally us Grndr the user, their phone provider, phone account holder all accepted a TOS for Grndr stating the user is 18+. There was a complete expectation that the Grndr user as 18+ due to that registration of the telecommunications device.

If you were in a BAR (not restaurant with alcohol), you would expect the people in the BAR, to be over 21. There would be no reason to assume the person was not, and is up to the owner/bar tenders to make sure everyone is carded. Just like the registration process of Grndr on an FCC regulated device.

But, with all that being said, if the user disclosed in ANY text, Grndr message documented, that the user was under age, then book this guy.

Wow you're an idiot. Ever think that maybe this kid got an iPod touch, or hell even an iPhone (yes kids have iPhones) from mummie and daddy?  That he has a job and bought a prepaid credit card to use on tunes and downloaded the app himself?  

The Place that I work at sells Prepaid Credit Cards but you have to be 18 years old to purchase them.  So  If that is the case,  Who Purchased the prepaid credit card for the kid?    ( Even if he received the CC as a gift )

Excuse me. This is an officer of the law. Where is ur head even thinking that it is acceptable to sleep or meet a kid of this age. It's the officers responsibility to make sure he is following the law. Let's hope ur thoughts are just thoughts and not how u really fair. Or everyone should be worried about u as well. Sad

If The Kid Said He Was 18 on his profile   So Now we are suppose to do ID Checks and or DNA Checks Before Having Sex with Anyone?     We need more information on when the Prosecutor found out when the Kid was 16.  was it before having sex or after having sex.  Was this the only adult the Kid has hooked up with?   If this kid has Hooked up with other adult guys  Why did this guy just get caught?    In other posts  a guy said he had seen the kid's Profile on Grindr several times and even reported him for being under age but the Kid kept making new profiles.      Every Guy that has had sex with this kid needs to either come forward ( But they would be arrested too)  Something is just not on the up and up with this Story/Arrest.

Grindr asks for your age when you set up a profile.  You Have To Be 18 and have a Credit Card to sign up.   If The kid lies about his age then they should go after the kid.   I want to know how many other guys this kid has hooked up with?   Or was this some type of vendetta against the Prosecutor.   If the kid has hooked up with other guys  Every guy needs to be brought in to show the kid lied to others about his age.    I know a lot of teen guys that have full facial and body hair that makes them look older.   I know that even if a guy texts you his age and stats and they lie  it will not hold up in a court of law.  That is why I always ask for an E mail with the Guys Age and Stats  So I Have Solid Proof if the guy lied to me.

Ridiculous, I was having sex with 50 year Olds when I was 13 they did not rape me they had sex with me because I wanted them to, they did not force me into anything If anything I instigated it this 16 yr old knew exactly what he wanted, so don't blame d adult, blame no one they r both grown ups.

Independently of how you view the encounters, those 50 year olds broke the law. Whether someone reports it or prosecutes it, that has nothing to do with the fact that the alleged encounters were illegal. Illegal is illegal to the blind woman holding the scale.

This guys is a PROSECUTOR, he knows the law better than anyone.  Throw the book at him!  He hooked up with a 16 year old kid, in violation of the law of the state he swore to uphold.

But if the Kid said he was 18 or older  on the App.   Is That The Guys Fault?

Ditto,.. What the hell was the underage kid on doing on Grindr.   They should going after the kid

The government needs to get out of private lives. There's no cognitive difference between 16 and 18. At 16 you are old enough to work, pay taxes, drive a car/deadly weapon and hunt with a rifle. The age of consent laws must be abolished! MYOB!


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