Dentist Provides Free Dental Reconstruction To Victim Of Anti-Gay Hate Crime

Andrew Oppelman and Nick Soret were waiting beside a mobile food truck in Austin, Texas when the pair were horrifically assaulted for merely existing as gay men. The September 21, 2012 attack that left Oppelman with injuries including the loss of nine teeth lead to the arrest of Lambert Borgardt, who was indicted by a grand jury on third degree felony assault charges. Borgardt received prison time, while Oppelman, who stepped in to help Soret after Borgardt threw the first punch, received free oral reconstruction by Dr. Gary Cash, D.D.S. 

Over the course of a year's worth of procedures, Dr. Cash lent his expertise to help heal the hate crime victim in a treatment that normally runs upwards of six figures. 

Austin's KVUE has a video report on this touching story:



There are still good people left in the world. Makes me a little more hopeful for humanity.

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