Derrick Gordon & Luke Evans Bulge Out During Their Workouts!

Nothing like a buy one, get one free deal men, know what I'm saying?

Derrick Gordon and Luke Evans are doing everything they can to keep their amazing figures in shape, post all the delicious Thanksgiving and holiday food that they likely devoured.  Not only that, but they wore the right sweats for the workout occasion, which definitely showcases their "drumsticks" fantastically (aren't these puns just great?)



I have a lot to be thankful for. I am healthy, happy and for all the amazing people who have come into my life. Happy Friday and hope everyone have a safe and enjoyable weekend

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To catch you up to speed on both, Derrick Gordon is an out and proud author and actor who currently resides in Beverly Hills, California.  He became the first basketball player in Division 1 college hops to come out publicly, which he proudly did back in 2014. 



A little light (!!!) reading on my flight today. Anna screenplay @lucbesson

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Luke on the other hand, is a Welsh actor known for his movies like Beauty and the Beast and The Raven as well as his work on London's West End productions in shows like Rent and Miss Saigon. Both men here are studly, in great shape, and know how to work a great sweatpants ensemble.  Question is... who fits the bill better here?



That moment when you try to smile but the sun is just beaming right in your face lol

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Exhibit one: Derrick.



Friday December 1st. White rabbits, white rabbits, white rabbits!!! Have a great day people!!

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Exhibit two: Luke.




Luke gets my vote

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