Derrick Gordon & Titanius Maximus Bulge Out at the Gym

Who doesn't love a good "buy one, get one free" special from time to time?  Derrick Gordon and Titanius Maximus are definitely two that would be worth that deal and then some, especially with their "bulge" abilities that they exude while working out at the gym!


Outfit for the day. Yay or Nay?

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To catch you up to speed on both, Derrick Gordon is an out and proud author and actor who currently resides in Beverly Hills, California.  He became the first basketball player in Division 1 college hops to come out publicly, which he proudly did back in 2014. 


You're never fully dress without a smile #papi #BBC

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Titanius is a super hot dude from Barcelona who excels in technology and fitness.  Nice combo.

Both took photos of themselves working out and/or at the gym this past week, and the bulge check was definitely noticeable and appreciated all at the same time.

Here's Derrick's...

And here's Titanius'...


It's called Black Magic #papi

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