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Destiny's Child Star Michelle Williams Delivers Perfect Response To #PoorMichelle Meme

Jokes targeted at Destiny's Child star Michelle Williams tend to come in waves. (Is it safe to say that the fictional narrative of her being Destiny's Step-Child began after that terrible fall on 106 & Park?)

Well the #PoorMichelle meme is back in full force on Tumblr, Instagram, and Twitter (and it's clogging up our Facebook feed!).

Still, we're thinking Michelle Williams got the last laugh!! 

See what she tweeted:


​Game. Set. Match. 

You win, Michelle!!


Still richer than u! Poor brandonsaidit and j'andre. Idiots.

I never said she wasnt. I'm sure she is richer than you as well, dumbass. My point is that these memes have a point of truth. I mean she is Beyoncé's employee!

^^^ And how many millions are YOU worth?^^^ #PoorYou

Poy calling the kettle black! This isn't about me, it's about the fact that she doesn't equal kelly, much less Beyonce

Um Michelle you are worth 8 mil....Kelly is worth 30 mil and bey is worth HUNDREDS of mill. Maybe you accountant should talk to theirs.

She doesn't have to compare herself to anyone, and 8 mil is nothing to laugh about. She's doing just fine! PS...if you're going to criticize like that, learn how to write properly "maybe you accountant" LOL Wow! #EpicFail

Lol you know you have no winning argument or come back when your only ammo is my typo. You look dumb as he'll right now. She is something to laugh about which is why everyone is laughing at her and making these #poormichelle memes!

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