Detox Catches Fan Stealing Cash Tips Mid-Performance

Detox laid into an idiot who attended one of her shows recently when she realized the fan was stealing cash tips right out of her hands. 

Detox took to Facebook to talk about the situation:

A couple of minutes in to my first performance of the evening tonight, I felt a tug from my hand. You can see in this video when I stop and look down at someone for a few beats…that was the SECOND time I felt the same thing. Things begin to get blurry after my head starts bobbing, because that is when I feel the third tug and see red. Some little girl decided she needed to rip money from my hands during my performance. 

It is not about the money. It is about the principle. It is about respect. 

If this person thought it was ok to do this to me, I’m sure she figured it was just as fine to do it to any other performer. Perhaps a performer whom relies on that extra cash from a tip of appreciation and respect. 

If you, or your acquaintances do not know how to behave in a manner of respect at a show such as this, do not fucking come. 

Drag is fun, yes. But it is work. It is a lot of work. So is picking up trash on the side of the road. But you won’t see me snatching garbage from this rotten bitch’s hand while she’s in uniform.

Check it out as Detox ends her number early to call out the thieving audience member:



Uh who is this person and who gives a shit?

It's bad but not global news...

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