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Detox, Willam, & Vicky Vox Take Us On A "Gaycation"

For those of you still seeking a winter thaw, the queens of DWV (Detox, Willam, and Vicky Vox) have just the thing: "Gaycation"!!!!

​Check out their hysterical spin on the Go-Gos' "Vacation" at Island House in Key West!

We think we've found our new Spring Break theme song!!


(H/T: NNNext)


Detox sure does get her meat at 1:53!

Psst - they got a free week in Key West at IslandHouse - it's not a video; it's an infomercial

Oh my GAG I would never have used these queens together three personalities that just don't mix well who ever produced this had any clue they would have executed 

It is a fun video, but yes, it is their worst yet.

This is their worst video yet!

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