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Did Ian McKellen Out A 'Hobbit' Co-Star?

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A German interview stemming back to 2012 that's only surfacing now depicts Hobbit star Sir Ian McKellen perhaps outing a co-star.

“Just look only how many openly gay actors in the Hobbit with were: two of the dwarves, to Luke Evans, Stephen Fry, Lee Pace," McKellen told a German publication in a 2012 interview that's just now surfacing. "In The Lord of the Rings I was the only one next to it there was my make-up artist and one from the wardrobe team. That’s only once a progress, right?”

Evans, Fry and Pace have all been known to be gay or flirted with coming out in public, but the only, singular actor who plays a dwarf in the film to have come out publicly as gay is Adam Brown. Thanks for confirming Lee as one of us, Ian, but that still leaves 12 dwarves for us to guess from in addition to Adam. Our money (based entirely on wishful thinking) is on Dean O'Gorman, but basically just because he's as sexy in his dwarf gear as he is out of it.

Whoever the sexy gay dwarf is, welcome to the club! Your fruit basket (we've got to think of a welcoming gift that's less tongue-in-cheek!) and your 2014 Homosexual Agenda are in the mail. 

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So, WHO exactly has this site disrespected, hum? You guys know that you CAN'T accuse someone of hurting another person's right if you don't even know WHO this person is! Yes, nobody knows who the other gay dwarf is - and nobody will know until said dwarf out himself. 
Also, it's even offensive to compare the "outing" made by Sir Ian and this site to the dangers of kids and teenagers who depend on their homophobic families. Wow, do you really think one of the main actors in multimillion dollar blockbuster movie is going to be kicked in the streets if their parents find out they're gay? I certainly don't remember Ricky Martin or Neil Patrick Harris having to deal with this when they came out!

Why attack Instinct,  Ian was the one that outed the actor----they just repeated the interview.

Really? So if someone shares a damaging secret about someone you care dearly would you feel if soneone posts it on facebook to hurt that person even further so now more people know about it.

Being gay is not damaging.

I forgot, kids being disowned for being gay isn't damaging. Neither is being fired for being gay. Or being gay bashed. I want to move to your gay Utopian world pronto. 

Gay websites should have the integrity to not go around trying to out every actor, celebrity, or athlete. As a gay website that supports GAY RIGHTS, you are making yourselves out to be the gay gestapo of Nazi Germany. What makes you better than a bully by trying to out everyone when they obviously are not ready to come out yet. Do you support outing a person before they are ready to come out? This type of gossiping at the expense of others personal lives is quite frankly disgusting and I have lost all respect for this website. Want to out a homophobic politician passing anti-gay laws fine, but why do you have to go after people who have said nothing wrong against our gay community. You should seriously rethink your outing policies.

Though I second the Dean O'Gorman wishful thinking (or Aidan Turner - Kili), my guess is Mark Hadlow (Dori).  I have the extended version of "An Unexpected Journey" and watched all the hours and hours of bonus features.  Mark was really pinging my gaydar...

Instinct used to be a site with you are the TMZ of the gay scene. That is not a compliment.  You constantly make gays look silly and ridiculous and very trite...I am sure there are some that will appreciate those stereotypes you constantly feed.

Exactly how are they doing that? Reprinting an interview with Ian McKellan where he discusses fellow gay actors? Seriously, you think being gay is that nasty and shameful?

How are they doing that? By depriving an individual of his right to respect for his private life in order to generate some copy? How about that to start with?

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