Did Lady Gaga Pen This Letter Asking Obama To Name Her U.N. Ambassador On LGBT Rights?

A letter going viral online allegedly is from the desk of Lady Gaga, who apparently thinks that reminding President Obama he is not a slave is a great way of getting nominated to the United Nations as an ambassador for LGBT rights. 

Writes who we think is an obvious Gaga impostor:

Dear Barry — I am sorry this letter is so informal. But it is from my heart. I want to be the United Nations Ambassador for LGBT rights. As you know, I and my mother Cynthia run the Born This Way foundation and we have helped save the lives of many LGBT youth. I was bullied as a youth and understand how LGBT youth feel. Every single night, I cry just thinking about their pain. I am them. They are me!

As the UN ambassador for LGBT rights, I would need your support and activism. It is important that you attend some of my performances in promotion for my new album ARTPOP. It is important that you play some of the songs during your speeches. It is important that you help me pass laws against bullying, particularly on the Internet. There are many people who call my little monsters faggots. There are many who call me names as well. We need to stop these people because they are leading others to participate in bullying.

Finally, I want to say how much I identify with the bullying you receive just because you are Black. You certainly are not a slave, you are not on welfare, you don’t rap about ho’s and guns, and you don’t walk around with tattoos glued all over your body. You don’t deserve the bullying comments from the right wing conservatives. I understand how you feel. Please support me in my latest endeavor. Love, Lady Gaga.

What say you, Instincters? Is this letter a hoax?

(h/t: Queerty)



Highly unlikely this was penned by Gaga - the woman who has risen to fame with her poetic genius and catchy lyrics.  This is the work of a little, little monster with good intentions, but poor execution.

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