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Did An Openly Gay Snowboarder Give Us Our First Sign Of LGBT Solidarity At Olympics?

Dutch snowboarder Cheryl Maas, who is married to a woman, may have made the first gesture of solidarity with the LGBT community at the Olympics following a qualification run in Sochi yesterday. 

Though her run didn't qualify her for that specific event,  after the completion of the race the camera did zoom in on her long enough for Maas to raise a unicorn and rainbow painted glove to the camera. 

According to Towleroad, Maas will have another opportunity to qualify on Saturday.

While it's certainly possible that in this case, a glove is just a glove, we'll certainly celebrate a rainbow (and a unicorn) being raised by a lesbian during these games!


You have to love these Snowboarders for being so brave and making a statement! One they guys has a painting of Pussy Riot   on his board

Looks more like a Narwhal. 

That looked pretty intentional to me.

Very proud of this young lady!

No Nigel,

She didn't.

Now...if she just makes it home after that.

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