Disgusting Russian Propaganda Film Claims Gays Molest Adopted Kids, Die 20 - 30 Years Earlier Than "Normal People"

LGBT activist John Aravosis has posted a thoroughly disturbing video to YouTube that exposes "the level of hatred that gay and trans people face in Russia." The propaganda film, created by a group called Healthy Young Generation - Healthy Russia, flagrantly throws discredited and unfounded villianizations of the LGBT community wildly in the faces of naive viewers. 

In the video, the group says that gay people adopt children to sexually abuse them, give them STDs and indoctrinate them into the "gay lifestyle." 

It also claims that people in the LGBT community die "20 - 30 years earlier than normal people," that "50% of pedophiles are gay," and draws largely on the resoundingly discredited study from Mark Regnerus that has been touted as unscientific and biased time and time again. 

“We have no better messenger than these videos to prove to people worldwide just how bad things have gotten in Russia,” Aravosis adds in the video's description

It only takes a few seconds of viewing to understand how bad it is, in that case. 





They should be more worried about letting that Milonov..I would not let him near the dog much less a child....He totally gives off the perv vibe.

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