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Disney Princes Go Gay

As I watched the Little Mermaid with my nephew last night (the first animated Disney film I've actually sat down to watch since childhood), I recalled being his age and finding myself less interested in the girls that typically starred on the VHS (shush) covers than the princes they'd come to meet. 

Obviously, I wasn't the only budding gay child in the Disney era, so it comes as no surprise that a world of art imagining the cherished princes we all know and love embraced in each other's arms finds a thriving home on the Internet. (Very thriving if you visit Rock Hard Disney, NSFW.)

It's as close as we'll likely get to Disney ever presenting a gay or bisexual prince; but if the animated studio has taught us anything, it's how to dream. 

Which Disney prince do you most want to come out of the closet?

(Via Gloganvlog)



No lesbian ones?

I want my pics on ariel hubby <3

3rd from the bottom

Herc seems like a power bottom to me!! Lol

You realize a legit artist made all of these images you're using, right? Maybe try crediting him.

Hercules and Alladin look so hot together

alladin looks hot with anyone he is extreme cute

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