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The Dixie Chicks Cover Miley's "Wrecking Ball"


If Natalie Maines' new hairdo isn't going to get the world talking about the Dixie Chicks again, the group's earth-shattering cover of Miley's "Wrecking Ball" will.

What say you, Instincters? Heart or hate their cover?


Is she trying to have Miley's hair too? Why are they covering her anyway? I thought their music was way above Miley's.... Loved them when Natalie didn't mix music and politics. 

Music is politics. 

you sound like a butthole

So much better than the Miley version. They are greatly missed. Its tragic that their reputation was destroyed by the one thing that was supposed to make America so much better than those other places across the world.....the ability to express your personal opinion

Time has a way of healing wounds...Bring that sound to the USA Dixie Chicks.....I'm listening.......and waiting for you....

I have been a fan from the beginning.  I am also an American, they have done nothing wrong but express their opinion.  Since when was this wrong.   Love their music and miss them.

Natalie and the Dixie Chicks! As always, AMAZING!!!

The Dixie Chicks greatest attribute....COURAGE.  They are terrific musicians and great patriots to speak their minds freely!! If that idiot, Ted Nugent, can spew anything he wants, the Dixie Chicks compare at being much more civilized, sophisticated, and thoughtful.  Would love to see 'em.  Bring them back to the U.S.!!!

The sound quality was bad because it was a phone video but in spite of that I LOVED IT!!! I Love the Dixie Chicks! I have seen them in concert twice and would definitely go again and again, because they are the most talented Country/Pop Group ever!!!

These women have earned the right to play whatever they want so deal with it David Caroll. Rock on Chicks!!


Love the Dixie Chicks and MISS them so much!

Dixie Chicks! Love em!

I loved it!!! <3 Powerful live <3

A beautiful BELIEVABLE version!!

Love the Chicks!  They need to tour the US! 

Frakin country manure. Hair do and all. Boo 'em off the damn stage. Dixie nuggets....

Everyone has different tastes in music, doesn't mean you have to be immature and diss the kind you don't like.


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