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"Do You Think I'm Gay?"

A lot of the gaydars of the women that "Awkward Gay Kissing" vlogger Mark Miller polls must be made faulty by wishful thinking. But that's okay, we don't blame them. 

Watch as the popular YouTube hottie asks women passing by if they think he's gay...




When did the brushed back hair with a headband enter vogue?  I swear 94% of those girls looked the same. At points, I was asking myself "Didn't I see her already?"  And why is there this ridiculous stigma with Black people they was very open, supportive, warm and all said he was attractive (CLEARLY).  I hope he turns the question to his male co-eds on the next video. I think boys/guys/men will be more observant YET equally as cool with his gayness.

I think he's cute. Whether he's gay or not doesn't change that. lol

i could care less!

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